How Voice Search Will Impact Your SEO, PPC & Social Strategies In Windsor

How Voice Search Will Impact Your SEO, PPC & Social Strategies In Windsor


More and more research now points to the fact that the next wave of customers will bypass typing queries into a search engine and simply ask for a product or service offering verbally. The growth of Voice Search will, naturally, lead to a number of changes for search marketers and search engines. It will also have a definite impact not only on PPC but on social strategies adopted by businesses for SEO in Windsor. Here’s a taste of what this means and how your business will be required to adapt:

Impact On Organic Search

There are predictions that, by 2020, 30 percent of web browsing will be screenless. This will not kill screens, but it definitely points to the fact that more and more consumers will be willing to engage with AI in order to find what they are looking for. What this will affect is organic search, the nature of which will change to deal with users who may not physically read any content but may simply ask virtual assistants to mine for the most relevant response.

Strategies That Help

When it comes to SEO in Windsor, the key lies in focusing strategies around answer box results, the SERP feature typically displayed above all organic results. These directly answers search queries, and are what home assistants usually turn to for answers to many queries. It involves sifting through commonly asked questions, doing research around queries and optimizing existing as well as new content to come up with answers that are appropriate.

Impact On Social and Paid Search

Strategists will soon have to try and figure out ways to serve ads to users who are not looking at screens. As for social media marketing, it will be affected in a similar way to SEO and may need more device integration in order to mine what customers are asking and how they are asking for a product or service.

For Help With SEO In Windsor

According to a Google survey conducted in 2014, 55 percent of teens and 41 percent of adults are using voice search more than once a day. For more information on how this affects your SEO and business in Windsor, contact the Web Geeks team today.

The Top Five SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design in Windsor

The Top Five SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design in Windsor

Responsive Web Design is more important for businesses in Windsor than ever before, for a very simple reason: Consumers now consume more data on smartphones and tablets, and living in a mobile-first era naturally leads to a move towards a mobile-first index. What used to be an innovation is now the norm, making responsive Web design an integral component of any SEO plan.

Here are the top five benefits it offers:

  1. Pages load faster: How quickly your pages load affects your site’s ranking. All websites should be optimized to load quickly because Google favors these sites in search results. Responsive Web Design can ensure faster loading pages on mobile and smart devices.
  1. Your site usability improves: Responsive Web Design makes your website easier for visitors to navigate which, in turn, has a direct influence on whether or not they will stick around. Google recognizes that ‘time on page’ is a fundamental indicator of your site’s value for any query, so improved user experience translates into more time spent on a site.
  2. Lower bounce rate: This tracks when visitors to your site enter and leave because Google interprets shorter visits as a sign that your content isn’t compelling enough. This leads to a lower ranking. Responsive Web Design has helped a number of businesses in Windsor tackle this problem by making sure design allows easy comprehension and consumption of content.
  3. No duplication: Duplicate content is common among websites that use a separate mobile site and separate URLs. This can damage your rankings if Google cannot differentiate between vital content that needs to be indexed. Also, separate mobile sites don’t rank well in search engines.
  4. Better sharing: Social sharing is now an important aspect of growing an audience, even if it doesn’t have a direct impact on rankings. A bigger audience, in turn, leads to more traffic and engagement. Responsive Web Design can make social sharing seamless.

These are many other ways that Responsive Web Design can have a positive impact on your SEO and page rankings. For more information on how we can help your business in Windsor, contact the Web Geeks team and we will be happy to make recommendations that allow you to focus on other aspects of business growth.

Nintendo Switch: Console of the Future?

Nintendo Switch: Console of the Future?

I consider myself to be a pretty avid gamer, and one who has always followed Nintendo. I grew up playing Nintendo 64 with Super Mario 64 being the first game I completed 100% at the age of 7 years old. With that being said, the past two Nintendo consoles (Wii & Wii U) have left much to be desired. While they were innovative, they just didn’t match up with Sony and Microsoft’s powerhouse consoles. But growing up as a Nintendo fan, the little kid inside of me still got excited when I found out Nintendo would be showing off an announcement trailer for their new console set to release in March of next year.

What Is This New Console?

The Nintendo Switch blurs the line between console and handheld gaming. With this new console, Nintendo wants you to bring your gaming experience anywhere – a bus, a plane, the park or your couch. The console is powered by a ‘tablet’ that you place inside the console. If you want to take it on the go, you simply pop it out and take it with you.

The announcement also emphasized its multiplayer focus. The controller can be pulled apart, be placed on the screen or given to friends to play multiplayer games. In short, this is a console that can be played by anyone, anywhere.

Really, We’re Going To Call It The Nintendo Switch?

Seriously, can Nintendo not come up with good names? Since it’s creation, I’ve hated the name ‘Wii’ and we’ve had to deal with two consoles under that name! Now they have a chance to make up for it with a cool name, and they call it ‘Switch’? Granted, it’s better than ‘Wii’ but it’s still so bland!

Yes, I realize the numbering system of PlayStation isn’t exactly creative, and the third generation of Xbox’s being called ‘Xbox One’ still doesn’t make a lick of sense to me, but Nintendo is THE creative front runners for creative gaming – make a name that shows this! They almost touched greatness with the name ‘Revolution’, but we all know how that ended.

Where’s The Innovation?

This leads me to my next point – where’s the innovation Nintendo? Yes, it’s portable, but the PlayStation 4 has been doing this with the PlayStation Vita for quite some time – though arguably not to the same extent. While yes, this looks like a great feature for a console, it’s just not the innovation that Nintendo is known and loved for.

As I’ve previously stated, I’m not a huge fan of the Nintendo Wii & Wii U. From a gamer’s perspective, outside of the core Nintendo titles there just weren’t many games that appealed to me. I’m also what many call a ‘graphics snob’ so when the original Wii came out with PS2 graphics while the Xbox 360 and PS3 were giving us almost CG-quality graphics, I was very off put.

With that being said, the Wii & Wii U were both extremely innovative for their time. Up until then, motion controls were almost unheard of and the Wii U allowed people to utilize dual screens at home. This completely changed how games played, and no other consoles had this at the time. What does ‘Switch’ have? It forfeited these innovations for portability. Don’t get me wrong, portability in consoles is an awesome idea – but again it’s just not Nintendo. Give us a new way to play games, not just the ability to play them on a bus.

Perhaps The Glass Is Half Full

It may sound like I’m giving Nintendo a lot of grief for the Nintendo Switch, but it’s just because as someone who has grown up with Nintendo consoles, I want to see them succeed. After the Wii & Wii U, Nintendo’s not really in the best of lights with serious gamers. Even large game companies had dropped support for them, and as such the consoles had been missing out on huge AAA titles.

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s chance to redeem themselves with the gamers. It’s a chance to gain the trust back from third party developers and show that they have a console that can redeem past errors. While the presentation was underwhelming, it didn’t show too much of the most important aspect of success – the games.

I want to be excited for the Nintendo Switch. While I’m super excited for a new ‘Super Mario’ and ‘Zelda’ game, a part of me can’t shake off the feeling that this console may be the final nail in Nintendo’s coffin. In time, we’ll learn more about the pricing, features and games – all of which are vitally important aspects for determining the success of this new console.

Why Social Media is Important: Thoughts from a Millennial

Why Social Media is Important: Thoughts from a Millennial

Social media – the ruler of the internet. It was 12 years ago that Mark Zuckerberg first created ‘The Facebook’, likely not knowing just how big it was going to be. Today, you can’t go anywhere without seeing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram buttons. The internet as we know it today is run by social media.

But just how important is social media for marketers?

A lot of people have the thought process of social media just being a tool to share likes, interests and photos within your social circle. Sure, that’s a big part of it, but as a marketer why should you care about that? As a millennial, I’m here to tell you exactly why your business NEEDS social media.

First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Matt Bouwmeester, I’m 22 years old and I’ve recently just finished my advanced diploma for Advertising and Marketing Communications Management at St. Clair College. Most recently, I’ve started my internship here at Web Geeks Marketing. Now, let’s focus on the age for a second. I’m 22 years old, meaning I grew up with social media as it rose to its prominence. I’m a millennial, which means I work, live and breathe social media. Using social media for over half my life has allowed me to learn a thing or two about what makes it tick, and how it can be properly utilized. Now, I’m going to help your business successfully use social media, in order to generate awareness and profit for your brand.

Some Statistics

Over 75% of internet users have social media accounts. That’s a staggering number when you think about the fact that there are 3.174 billion internet users worldwide. As a business, this should be extremely important to you. To go more in depth 71% have Facebook, 23% have Twitter, 26% use Instagram, 28% use Pintrest and lastly 28% have a LinkedIn. But you run a business, you know these statistics off by heart. I’m not here to bore you with more numbers, I’m here to tell you why knowing how to utilize social media is most important.

Brand Personality

The fact is, social media is an extension of who you are. It’s like high school all over again, complete with judgemental and mean people who are going to judge every status and every article you post. Therefore, you must establish what you want your brand’s personality to be before entering the social realm. Once you choose this, stick with it. Nothing is worse than following a brand who cracks you up with hilarious posts one day, then depresses you with sad articles the next. People see right through fakes on social media, so make sure that your personality doesn’t come across as fake or contradicting to what you do as a business.

Whatever you do, do not be boring. Nothing can hurt your brand more than boring your audience to death. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be eccentric in everything you post, but if you’re a charity – pull at people’s heart strings. If you’re in the food industry – make people hungry with imagery. Just don’t post statuses such as, “Come to Mom’s Pie Shop. We open at 7.” These are boring, and uncreative. Social media is like a boxing ring, and brands are duking it out to make the best content they can to capture the attention of their audience. Being boring is not an option.

The Golden Ratio

This is something that’s so simple, yet so important in regards to success with social media. The Golden Ratio dictates the type of content you should be posting, and how often. It’s referred to as the 30/60/10 rule. Let me break it down for you:

30% Owned – Owned content is content that YOU created. For example, this content would include your blogs, videos and photos that are all original content made by you or for you. This keeps you in touch with your clients by giving them original content, but at the same time doesn’t flood their newsfeed. This is important because you need just the right amount of owned content. Any less and you’ll lose relevance. Anymore and you become annoying and seen as that one friend who doesn’t stop talking about him/herself all day. By keeping owned content at 30% you’re keeping it just right.

Here’s an example of owned content:


Web Geeks Owned Content

Those are some handsome gents.


60% Curated – Curated content is content made by other people. These usually come in the form of links or retweets. “But Matt! I’m trying to advertise my business here, why am I focusing on other brands?!” Don’t worry my concerned reader friend, I’m not saying you should be blindly retweeting every article or video you see. When posting curated content, it’s important that you put your input on it as well. So for example, if you’re doing social media for your car dealership, you might want to post an article about the brand new Tesla that’s basically a spaceship. With that article you’ll want to post a status with it such as, “Why fly in a space shuttle if you can just buy a Tesla?”

The reason why the curated content percentage is so high is because it makes people want to keep following your brand. If all you did was post about yourself, users would lose interest extremely fast. By posting articles that are relevant to your business, but not about your business, your clients – who will likely have that same interest – are going to find your brand relevant.

Here’s an example of curated content:


Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 2.08.58 PM


10% Promotional ContentWe have now arrived at our final destination of the golden ratio: promotional content. So what exactly is promotional content? Promotional content is your business’ call-to-action. This is where you sell your business.

“Why only 10%? Isn’t the point of making my business a social media account to sell my product?”

Well think of it this way – have you ever been to an electronic store where you have that really needy employee won’t stop bugging you to buy that computer monitor, all because he saw you look in that general direction? That’s what a social media account that won’t stop trying to sell their product is like. If a brand posts too much trying to sell their product, they become needy and annoying. If anything, it makes people NOT want to buy the product. This is especially true for millennials. We have extremely low attention spans and don’t have time to be bothered by a brand that keeps pestering us to buy its products. By only using promotional content once in a while, it becomes a gentle reminder that you are offering something that is of use to your followers. They don’t need to be hounded, since if they’re already following the brand, it obviously offers something of interest to them.

Here’s an example of promotional content:


Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 2.11.16 PM


While the idea of the golden ratio is simple, it can be difficult to follow. As a brand, you’re going to feel that itch for self-promotion all the time. It’s only natural. However, for your brands benefit, following the 30/60/10 ratio is the best way to success.


So now that we’ve talked about brand personality and following the golden ratio for social media, it’s time to talk about trends and how to utilize them. As a millennial, I’m very inclined to follow what’s trending. From fashion to technology, I like to keep up with the latest and greatest. As a brand, the best way to stay relevant is to keep up with social trends. It’s just like real life – if you want people to notice you, you have to stay trendy.

Just like in high school, trends can change weekly. What’s popular right now may be forgotten by next week. Remember that dress that no one could tell was obviously gold and white?

Yeah that was all the rage for about three days. Now if you mention it to someone they’d say, “Huh? Oh yeah, I forgot about that.” But for a few short days it was all the internet rage, and brands were jumping on board.

As a brand, this is something you need to be aware of, and utilize it properly. If something’s gone viral, find a way to implement it to your campaign. While that viral thing is trending, people are going to see your brand if you’ve implemented it creatively. However, these aren’t the only trends that your brand has to be aware of.

You also must be aware of how brands are sending out their messages via social media. Gone are the days where statuses are the only method for getting your message across. Brands utilize pictures, videos and games to advertise themselves on social media. What’s trending right now? Live video.

Now you can literally interact with your audience in real time. This is effective because it makes the audience feel like they’re a part of something, as if they’re right there with you. Think of it as seeing a band you like in concert. Yeah hearing them on your iPod is great, but when you see Slash perform that guitar solo in person, you feel a connection with what’s happening live in front of you. As a brand, this is something you’d want to jump on while it’s still fresh, because in a few weeks it might already get stale.

To Sum Up…

As a millennial, my life revolves around social media. To be honest, I think I might spend more time looking at my phone than not in a day. Social media has evolved from a site where people at Harvard could connect, to a full blown world globalized society. As a business, it is literally the most important marketing tool at your disposal, and it WILL benefit your business if utilized properly.

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Pokémon GO – Why It’s Taking The World By Storm

Pokémon GO – Why It’s Taking The World By Storm

Chances are unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week or so you’ve heard a lot about the new mobile craze ‘Pokémon GO’. It has taken the world by storm, and it’s grabbed the attention of both children and adults alike. But how popular is the game? Also, where does the future lie with Pokémon GO and can it be utilized?


It’s Very, Very Popular

Millions of people are wandering around the streets trying to “catch ‘em all”. Within a week of release, Pokémon GO has attracted over 21 million users. It has just launched in Germany and hit No.1 on the iPhone revenue chart in just three hours. Across the pond, it took 13 hours to hit the top of the US charts and has penetrated a daily user level of 10.81% in just 4 days after its debut.

In other words, Pokémon go is very popular. In just its first week it had a higher daily user penetration level than Twitter. It’s the latest digital sensation and by the looks of it, it will get even bigger once it’s officially released in Canada.


Why Is It So Popular?

But the question on many people’s mind is ‘Why is this so popular? It’s just paper toss with Pokémon.’ What people don’t realize is that it’s not the game itself that is so popular – it’s the social aspect.

Pokémon GO is doing something that no Pokémon game has done before it – it’s getting people to go outside. If you haven’t quite caught up with how the game is played, it’s essentially like Google Maps infused with Pokémon. You download the game, create your character and watch as he walks around a GPS map of your city. Where ever you go, he/she goes. Inside of this GPS you’ll find Pokémon pop up when you go near them. It then transfers to an augmented reality battle where the Pokémon is right in front of you. You then toss Pokéballs at the Pokémon to catch it. Catch multiple and you’ll get ‘candies’ which allow you to evolve certain Pokémon as you collect them.

The reason the game gets so addicting is because it adds the element from previous Pokémon games of feeling the need to ‘Catch ‘Em All”. The game has 150 Pokémon to collect. As you level up, rarer Pokémon will become available to you. The only way to level up of course, is to catch more Pokémon.

Of course, with anything that becomes popular, it gains some controversy. Pokémon go has most recently made headlines for Auschwitz having to remind people it’s ‘disrespectful’ to play Pokémon GO at the former concentration camp. In another instance, Pokémon GO has been used to lure people into armed robberies. However, for the most part, people are loving the fact that this new viral app encourages exploration, and gets people active!


The Future of Pokémon GO

The best part about Pokémon GO is that there is more to come that will make it an even better experience. Soon, the app will add support for trading between players and leaderboards to see how you stack up against other players.

However, what’s even more exciting is the rumors that there will be an opportunity for businesses to take advantage of the app. Businesses may be able to place gyms or certain Pokémon at their places of business. This will encourage more people to walk into their businesses, as getting people’s feet in the door – even if it’s only for Pokémon – can capture people’s attention toward the business and its offerings.

There’s some merit to these rumors. It’s been confirmed through searching through the apps code that Pokémon GO is partnering with McDonald’s. A source has said that as part of the partnership, every McDonald’s in an undisclosed country will be either a PokéStop where you can get items or a gym where you battle Pokémon. This gives merit to the rumor that other businesses will be able to do the same – if one business can do it then it opens the opportunity for others!

One way businesses have already been utilizing it for business is by using lures. Lures are an item you can receive within the game which you place on the map resulting in Pokémon being attracted to those areas. Businesses can purchase these items from the shop and place them at their business. This will get loads of foot traffic to the business and is especially effective if your target market is within the younger demographic.


Love it or hate it, Pokémon GO is here and it looks like it’ll be around for a while. The sheer popularity of the game has already made it a cultural phenomenon and with time, it’ll only get more fleshed out. It might be a good idea to start making plans on how your business can utilize Pokémon GO!

When not training to become Pokémon masters, we here at Web Geeks are focused on bettering your business through web design and digital marketing!