Why Online Reputation Management Is Vital For Your Business

Why Online Reputation Management Is Vital For Your Business

Why Online Reputation Management Is Vital For Your Business

Think online reputation management isn’t necessary for your brand? You couldn’t be more wrong. Online rep management – the art of maintaining your good name on the Web – is necessary for businesses of all shapes and sizes; especially small businesses. One wrong move and you could lose your customers for good, but what’s worse? Without a proper game plan for online reputation management, any disgruntled former customer or employee could sink your small business and ruin your good name.

A bad reputation will kill your business

You may have even seen this before: a business does something that doesn’t bode well with its customers, competitors, or disgruntled employee and before they know it, there are domains dedicated to trashing their good name, comments on review sites that make the brand look shady, and attacks against them on social media.

You can’t afford to let this happen! Use a Windsor digital marketing company to ensure that whatever attacks come your brand’s way, you have a team that’s ready to preserve your good name. Don’t leave it to chance – get a good defense!

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It gives you the opportunity to ‘save face’

Look, we all make mistakes. Sometimes, a bad review is warranted and justified. You can argue that it wasn’t your fault or the customer doesn’t have the full story, but when they have a valid complaint, none of that truly matters. Instead of cringing and hoping that something like that never happens again, make the best of it by showing the world that you’re a professional dedicated to making things right even when your business messes up. When you have a bad review or someone is speaking ill against you on social media, don’t ignore – respond!

Even if you know the receiver isn’t going to care one way or another about your apology, you’re not only saving face for them. Going forward, potential customers will see your response and see just how professional your brand really is; this creates brand trust, and this is one of the best ways to gain this. Moreover, consider reaching out to the complainer in private and ask them to share all criticisms and ideas with you. Often, people just want a voice; by giving them one and showing you value their input, you’re disarming their anger. Who knows? Perhaps they’ll tell other people and you’ll benefit from word-of-mouth marketing!

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It’s just good business sense

Nobody wants to do business with a brand that seems and feels disingenuous. If you allow your online reputation to falter, all of the best intentions you have for honouring your customers isn’t going to mean anything because in their minds, you’re not worth the risk. That’s key, too: proving that not only are you worth the risk but will deliver what you promise; with poor online reputation management that just isn’t going to happen. When brands rise and fall at the drop of a viral tweet, you need to do everything possible to ensure that your brand’s reputation is positive and clean. At Web Geeks, we make this possible every day!

Brings the best to you

One thing we haven’t even mentioned is the impact it will have on your help. If you haven’t been paying attention to your brand’s online reputation management and your reputation is a bit in the gutter, do you expect to attract the best to work for you? It’s just not going to happen. A clean online reputation means that when it’s time to hire new employees, you’re not handicapped just because someone wants to hurt your reputation on the Web.

Control your image

Image is absolutely, positively everything: how the world views you drives everything else related to your small business. Online reputation management ensures that you are able to control facets of your brand that otherwise seemed out of control. For example, if someone creates a website with your brand’s name dedicated to ruining your good name (it happens far more than you would expect), you can use a team of experts that will drive that site down into search rank obscurity and offset it with positive, compelling content.

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That’s the beauty of online reputation management: even though someone may have a beef with you, you have some control in how viewable that beef is online. Online rep management also helps you to become a better representative of your own brand, knowing when to, ‘kill ‘em with kindness,’ to, ‘firing them as a customer.’ It’s absolutely mandatory in our always-online world – and we’d love to help you!

Advanced Digital Marketing Tips For Your Business In 2019

Advanced Digital Marketing Tips For Your Business In 2019

Advanced Digital Marketing Tips For Your Business In 2019

With the new year in full swing, it pays (literally) to know about a few advanced digital marketing tips for 2019. Some of these tips may be new to you, but you’re going to find that even though things in digital marketing change year-to-year, the fundamentals are always important no matter what years it is. Without further ado, a little something new with foundational tips that will guarantee digital marketing success throughout the last year of the decade.

The year of artificial intelligence

It seems like artificial intelligence (AI) has been everywhere in 2018. Machine learning, AI, the fears of a robot uprising – they’ve been talked about tirelessly this year. AI isn’t going anywhere and it’s going to keep integrating into the fabric of our lives in the same manner that mobile did a decade ago. Now, 2019 is poised to be the year that artificial intelligence makes a splash in digital marketing; make moves to make integrating AI into your own digital marketing strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

What are the benefits? For starters, AI is going to ensure that when you target certain demographics, it’s going to be much more effective. AI is already amazing at profiling anyone with accurate results and it’s only going to get better from here. It can also help you to improve your customer service; if you’ve communicated with a brand’s bot on Facebook, you’ve already seen proof of this at work.

How do you make AI part of your gameplan? It’s simple. By reaching out to a digital marketing team that understands the power of AI.

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Tighten your SEO

 This advanced digital marketing tip is one that never goes out of style. To begin, focus on figuring out which keywords your brand needs to invest in in order to ensure your website is visible and easily discoverable (we help clients with this daily). From there, you need to consistently create great, written content that visitors will actually want to read and share; it’s also the best way to continually rank for keywords.

Also be sure to optimize other aspects of your website: headings, videos, images, page load times, meta titles/descriptions, and more. If it’s a lot to take in and do on your own, well…it is. This is why brands hire digital marketing teams like ours to do the hard work for them. Interested? Let’s chat about what we can do to perfect your SEO in 2019.

Influencer marketing

 Every brand has the power to be its own media company – and it should be. While one of the best tried-and-true advanced digital marketing tips has been to be an authority in your industry, it’s never been such a central focus to digital marketing. That’s all changing in 2019 as brands begin to see every customer as a potential influencer – from the customer with over a million Twitter followers to the customer that’s only posted three images on Instagram in their lifetime.

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Brands are discovering that influential campaigns are not about finding those with the most followers and online clout, but rather about harnessing the power that normal people have on social media. When someone promotes your products and/or services on social media, it feels more authentic and real; it entices their followers to see what your brand is all about. Consider creating incentives for every customer to become a brand evangelist and promote your brand, no matter if they have an audience of millions or just their family members.

Get picky about your clientele

 Cutting-edge advanced marketing tips won’t deliver the returns you’re aiming for if you have a few clients that are draining your resources, time, money, energy, and passion. To finish out the year and into 2019, commit to getting picky about who you accept as a client and those you refer elsewhere. Not all clients are created equally (you know this if you’ve been in business longer than five minutes) though because we’re usually fearful of a bad review, word-of-mouth, or confrontation in general many of us are guilty of doing business with a client that we just know is going to be bad news.

It’s never worth it. If a client seems like they can’t commit, they don’t know what they want (but want you to blindly work on a project anyway), they never pay on time, they’re difficult to work with, or just seem unprofessional in general then walk away. To that end, it’s a good idea to focus on your current clientele and only bring on extra clients when you know your brand won’t be stretched too thin.  

How To Grow Your Audience Using YouTube SEO

How To Grow Your Audience Using YouTube SEO

How To Grow Your Audience Using YouTube SEO

We all know that Google is the largest search engine in the world, but did you know they also own second? YouTube is the second most widely used search engine in the world, garnering over 1.5-billion users per month with over a billion hours of video uploaded every single day. To say that your SEO game plan needs to include YouTube is a massive understatement: it needs YouTube; especially if growing your audience is one of your brand’s top priorities. If you’re familiar with SEO best practices for your website, optimizing your brand’s YouTube channel and content is fairly similar with a few differences. Below are a few of our top methods for growing your audience via YouTube SEO best practices.

Keyword lists

Go to YouTube and type the first keyword that pops into your mind when you think about your business (as simple as ‘auto mechanic’ if you own and operate a mechanic shop). You will notice suggested keywords appear in a drop-down list. Write these down, because this is actually what people are typing into YouTube!

Click on a few of these keywords and notice the top three-five videos appearing in the search results. Take a look at the keywords the video has been optimized for by viewing the page source of the video, CTRL+F and type, ‘keywords,’ to find the keywords meta tag, and jot down the keywords the video is ranking for. If this sounds confusing, this resource explains everything.


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Create videos centered around a keyword

Once you know which keywords are worth ranking for, it’s time to create videos that center around this keyword. As with traditional SEO, this YouTube SEO best practice involves inserting the keyword into the title, description, and even the closed captions. That last part is very important – especially if you want to rank for variants of a keyword. Write a script, be sure to include keywords you want to rank for in the video (as with traditional SEO, don’t stuff it with keywords), then create the closed captions.

Know YouTube’s analytics

YouTube will improve your video’s ranking if your video meets certain criteria: under four minutes, generates lots of comments, is added to ‘Watch Later’ lists, and users are subscribing after they watch your video. This measures the quality of your video; if your video falls in-line with at least some of these measurements, your rank will increase over time.

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Make your channel look professional

Look, you can rank for the best keywords related to your niche while adhering to YouTube’s quality of standards, but if your channel doesn’t look professional people just aren’t going to engage – and your YouTube SEO is going to suffer. Create a banner and profile picture for your channel’s home page that’s simple yet high quality; attractive yet personable. They need to tell visitors exactly what your brand stands for, the types of videos they can expect, and set the tone for what’s to come. For example, if you have a YouTube channel dedicated to how-to’s about proper makeup applications, you wouldn’t want your banner and profile picture to be completely black and dreary; rather, you would want to use poppy, bright colours.

Moreover, create a trailer that describes your channel. Go into this exactly as you would if you were creating an elevator pitch for an investor because in a way, that’s exactly what you are doing. Make the trailer a few minutes long, make it fun, and ensure it doesn’t look amateurish.

Finally, create playlists. This is a good idea if some of your content isn’t all the same: some videos may be a behind-the-scenes look at your day-to-day operations, some may be how-to’s, others may just be random, fun videos. The tone and the goal of each video is different, so place them in their own playlist. This will give visitors the ability to easily browse only the videos they want to view without hunting them down in your channel.

At the end of the day, your YouTube SEO best practices are all about ensuring that your visitors want to view your channel. It’s about gaining an audience, keeping subscribers, and ensuring that people come back for more. It can be a huge undertaking though, so if you need a team of professionals that know how to turn any YouTube channel from looking bare and amateurish to professional and smart, give us a call. Our SEO services company in Windsor, ON can provide the solutions you need for businesses of all walks of life!

How LinkedIn Can Improve Your Brand’s Marketing

How LinkedIn Can Improve Your Brand’s Marketing

How LinkedIn Can Improve Your Brand’s Marketing

Do you own and operate your own brand? Then you need to be on LinkedIn. A social media platform for professionals, LinkedIn is versatile in what it can do for your small business. From merely being a funnel to finding new employees to a method for engaging with other entrepreneurs in your industry, every brand needs to be on LinkedIn. As with all things, what you get out of the platform depends on the effort you put into it.

LinkedIn can even assist you in improve your brand’s digital marketing gameplan, and that’s where we’ll focus. If you’re ready to reach that next level, LinkedIn can help you to get there. Below are a few of our favourite methods for improving your small businesses’ marketing and growing your brand in the process.


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Come across as an authority

Like all social media platforms, LinkedIn gives you a voice. But unlike most social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, the users on LinkedIn have a reason for being on the platform: to grow professionally. Arguably no other social media platform of this size has users that have the same goal in mind and you can use this to your benefit. With nearly every industry represented on LinkedIn, there’s no reason to create professional content designed to educate other like-minded professionals.

To begin, post content at least once per week; if you can fit in twice a week, do that. Long-form content is king at the moment, so if you can write helpful content that takes more than a few minutes to read go for it. Be sure to add links to your website, other social media platforms, and other helpful content that you’ve posted in the past.

What is your competition doing?

We’ve been told to, ‘do what the smart kids are doing,’ at least once during by a loved one during our formidable grade school years; turns out, it’s good advice. If you’re new to LinkedIn, search for popular and successful brands in your niche and study what they do. How does their profile look? What kind of content do they post? How are they engaging with their audience? How many followers do they have (be sure to know this one)? Model your activities with theirs and see what sticks.

Showcase how you treat employees

Advise your employees to engage with your content – and talk back to them! More engagement means the content will be spread to their network of professionals which in turn will increase that content’s visibility across LinkedIn. It also expands your brand’s reach to networks that would never know your brand existed in the first place. Moreover, this will allow potential employees to notice how much you value your current employees – after all, if a brand’s owner is positively engaging with its workers, that makes a good first impression.

Social Media Advertising Transparency

Prove to the world that you’re open for business

This tip is the easiest in this list: ensure your profile is 100% completed. That’s it. This means including a logo, your brand’s official website, and other details such as company size and location. LinkedIn helpfully lets you know what percentage of your profile needs to be filled out so you always know if it’s complete or not. It may not seem like a big deal, but a totally complete profile goes a long way in gaining trust among influencers and professionals that randomly find your company profile.

Relationship marketing

Whether the original team behind LinkedIn realize it or not (though we’re betting they do), the world’s largest social media platform for professionals was made for relationship marketing. To this end, it’s important to establish and grow relationships with brands, influencers, and professionals in your niche (even those out of your niche). Join existing groups aligned with your industry and communicate with them regularly by sharing your expertise. Assist others in need and help them when you have the opportunity. Just dive in and become part of the communities you’re bound to find on LinkedIn. Grow the relationships you make – some will prove to be invaluable.


Finally, improving your brand’s marketing strategies on LinkedIn puts a human face on your small business. People are much more eager to pay attention to a brand that doesn’t feel like a faceless corporate shell; if it feels like someone is behind the screen that can make all the difference. People want to know you’re a person – prove it to them by being professional yet neighbourly at every turn!

Want to know even more about how to make LinkedIn work for you? Then reach out to Web Geeks. Our digital marketing agency in Windsor, ON can provide the information you need to improve your marketing strategy on this unique social media platform, so call now!

Single Page vs. Multi-Page Websites. Here Are The Advantages and Disadvantages for Each.

Single Page vs. Multi-Page Websites. Here Are The Advantages and Disadvantages for Each.

Single Page vs. Multi-Page Websites.

Here Are The Advantages and Disadvantages for Each.

If it’s time to create a website for your small business, the sheer amount of design options can be overwhelming. One of the first places to start when planning a new website is what type of site do you want: a simple, single page website that lists relevant information front-and-center or a complex, multi-page website that you can add onto as your business evolves? It’s a great question, so let’s get after it: below are a few of the most pressing advantages and disadvantages for single and multi-page websites.

More questions? Reach out to Web Geeks and allow our Windsor digital marketing company to work alongside you to build the perfect website for your brand!

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Single Page Websites


Easier to tell a story

Half the battle of building a website that works for your small business is figuring out how to tell your brand’s story. You’re not just building a page to list information: you’re explaining to the world why you matter; the narrative presented on the page gets you there. Use the single page approach to your advantage and allow your story to unfold as the viewer scrolls down the page. Add pictures, video, and relevant information. It’s also a solid way to create a call-to-action and entice browsers to become customers since everything is on one page.

Perfect for mobile – but watch out for load times

A single page website that’s carefully crafted to include relevant information without a ton of embedded media or outdated Flash objects will load within seconds on mobile. It’s imperative that your single page site loads quickly too, as Google will penalize your ranking if it fails to do so. With approximately 52.2% of global web traffic stemming from mobile phones in 2018, ensuring your mobile traffic is properly optimized has never been more important. Still, with all of the information on one page it becomes beyond simple to digest important information that will stay with your visitors.


SEO difficulties

Having a search Engine Optimization (SEO) gameplan is vital to your website’s success. Unfortunately, a single page website makes it nearly impossible to rank for the keywords and phrases you need to compete for; you can also only optimize with one title tag, a meta description, and your URL (not a lot to work with). One solution is to regularly add new content to your website, but that’s also a lot of work that adding a blog would eliminate since it would give you the opportunity to rank for keywords and phrases whenever you needed; then again, adding a blog means your website suddenly becomes a multi-page website.  Need assistance? Our SEO services company in Windsor, ON can help!

Handcuffs your content

If you need to list important information yet there’s nowhere to list it, you have to sacrifice some of your information. This can be difficult if you have absolutely no information that can be left off of your website. In instances like these, it’s important to not shoehorn your brand into a single page website; if it functions better as a multi-page website, go with that approach.

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Multi-Page Websites


You have an SEO game-plan

Because you’re not limited to how much information you can include on your website, with a multi-page website it becomes extremely easy to optimize your website for relevant keywords and phrases in your niche on every page without it becoming to ‘spammy.’ You can also rank for ever-changing keywords and phrases in your industry by adding a blog to your website, which will improve your brand’s search engine ranking even more. Of course, you need to know which keywords and phrases to rank for, and we can help with that.

Simple to scale

Need to add a new service that’s coming next year? Opening a new location? Whatever needs change and however your brand evolves, you can add as much necessary information and pages as possible to get the message across. Don’t scale it too big though! Remember: your website’s loading time dictates your ranking, too.


Not always mobile friendly

What do you do when you visit a website that isn’t responsive when you try to open new links and pages? You probably leave the website immediately and try to find another alternative. With a multi-page website that isn’t properly optimized, you run this risk. It’s much easier for things to load improperly and go wrong when you add additional pages and information into the mix. Build your website with a mobile-first mindset to avoid this, and your multi-page website should perform just fine on any mobile device.

Navigation can get confusing

A multi-page website presents its own challenges – especially as it grows. As you add additional pages and levels to a website, you will need to take into consideration how simple it is for a new visitor to browse the pages and find exactly what they need. Utilizing a navigation bar on the site’s main page is one way to do this, but you don’t want to over complicate the experience either. Visitors need to know exactly where to go and what to click on the moment they visit your page; any confusion that comes after could make you seem incompetent to visitors (harsh, but it’s the truth). Just remember: the more complicated your multi-page website becomes, the simpler navigation should be; anything less, and you’re going to be driving visitors away.