Our Local SEO Services Team Explains Five Hidden Ways to Improve Local Results

Our Local SEO Services Team Explains Five Hidden Ways to Improve Local Results

SEO is one of the most affordable ways to market your business locally. Our team at Web Geeks has helped thousands of small business owners develop an online following. And in our latest post, we’re delving more into the world of local SEO services with five tips for improving local results from SEO campaigns.

  1. Fix Broken Links

Many companies find that the links back to their site from common hubs such as Yelp are broken. This could be simply due to a change in page formatting or an error in the listing. By speaking to the owners of the site directly, you can ensure that these links are fixed and your backlinking is improved for instant improvements in rankings.

  1. Fix NAPs

The Name, Address and Phone Number of your site (NAP) should be consistent across all local listings. This is particularly true of the content on your Google My Business page. Make sure that in any listings the NAP data for your company remains consistent and is clearly written.

  1. Build Social Proof

One of the first items new customers will be searching for when interacting with your business online is reviews. Social proofs such as reviews and testimonials can help to give your organization the edge in the local marketplace. Make sure that each page features a social proof that links back to your product and services.

  1. Use Structured Data Markup

The structured data markup is a feature that allows your business to be included on the Knowledge Graph in the search rankings. The markup also allows for snippets such as reviews to be included in your listings before the searcher clicks on your site. Work with your local SEO services expert to implement the markup on your site.

  1. Format Images and Videos for Local Search

Video and images are gaining in value in the local search market. Make sure that each media is formatted for use on all devices, and that you track your image and video rankings carefully. Video content can be an especially strong way to introduce your local business to a new customer.

Our team at Web Geeks now offers a comprehensive range of local SEO services. To learn more about our firm and our work, call today!

Facebook Introducing Original Shows & Video Content Through Facebook Watch

Facebook Introducing Original Shows & Video Content Through Facebook Watch

Facebook Introducing Original Shows & Video Content Through Facebook Watch

Announced this Summer through Facebook’s Newsroom, Facebook has recently launched Facebook Watch to some users in the US, which will host video content including hundreds of shows, similar to Google’s YouTube offering, Sony’s Crackle, or Amazon Prime Video. Content on Watch will include many original shows including Safari Live by Nat Geo WILD, Returning the Favor with Mike Rowe, Kitchen Little, & sports broadcasting one MLB game per week. Watch will be available for viewing on the computer, tablets, mobile and on TV apps.

Facebook Watch Discover

The feeds of Facebook Watch will be personalized to help users discover new content that they will be interested in, which is organized around their friends and communities are watching. Users can use Facebook’s reactions to give feedback on shows they watched, and there will be categories of shows based on users reactions, such as “What’s Making People Laugh”. Facebook Watch is trying to establish a community and bond between viewers, so comments from other viewers can be seen during the show to help create conversations. Users can subscribe to shows by adding them to their Watchlist, which will let users know when new episodes are released.

Facebook Watch Watchlist

Like YouTube, the revenue model will include the Pre-Roll style advertisements – the first of their kind on any of Facebook’s platforms, with the money raised through advertising being split between Facebook and the show’s creators. The closest thing they had to pre-roll ads in the past was mid-roll video ads that appeared in the middle of videos that users watched on Facebook, this original content will give advertisers a new way to reach their audience on Facebook.

Facebook Watch TV Watchlist

Users in Canada will be able to access this content once it is fully rolled out – once you see a “Watch” tab in your feed, clicking that will bring you to the feed of shows and videos to watch. For anyone interested in creating shows for the platform, you can learn more on Facebook’s Media Blog.

Facebook Newsroom announcement on Facebook Watch

Web Geeks is excited to see what new shows will be released when Watch rolls out to Canada, and what Canadians will produce for others to watch. For all of your social media marketing & digital advertising needs, Web Geeks is here to create a strategy that works for your business to connect with its audience.

4 SEO Steps to Take During a Website Redesign

4 SEO Steps to Take During a Website Redesign

4 SEO Steps to Take During a Website Redesign

SEO Web Design Windsor

In our modern-day digital world, everyone and everything is connected via the invisible threads of technology. Out of these digital connections, one of the most talked about, and yet often least understood, is the world of SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is essentially the science of driving traffic to your website through a customer’s use of Internet search engines.

Our team at Web Geeks, one of the top go-to companies for SEO and web design in Windsor, understands the complex science of SEO, and how it can make or break the success of your company website. When you are redesigning your website for your business, considering the SEO elements should be at the top of your list. Here are four necessary SEO steps to take during a web redesign for your Windsor business.

  1. SEO Site Audit: Before you begin the redesign, have an SEO site audit performed on the existing content. This will highlight any strengths or weaknesses in terms of SEO, so you and your Windsor web design team can put together a game plan for moving forward.
  2. Evaluate the Pages that are Currently Drawing Traffic: You can use a blend of analytics and manual searches to determine which pages on your website are appearing at the top of search engine results. Evaluate whether those pages are connected to the keywords most relevant to your business and if they are drawing traffic that converts to business.
  3. Determine the Critical Keyword Phrases: Understanding the keywords and phrases that are most important for your website and business will help you strengthen your overall SEO. Your team should conduct keyword research, compile website analytics and reports, consider the results of search engine advertising, and utilize Google’s Webmaster Tools if available.
  4. Incorporate Critical Keyword Phrases into the Site: Once the list of keywords and phrases has been determined, that information should be used in the site construction. Build and incorporate content that focuses on these keywords, optimize pages for these words and phrases, and develop relevant tags. This will create a focused flow of traffic to your website.

Our Web Geeks Team Can Help

Our team of experts at Web Geeks has the knowledge and expertise of SEO and web design in Windsor to make your website redesign a search engine success. Contact our office today, and work with a team that can help you use SEO to take your business to the next level.

The 7 Reasons to Invest in Windsor Web Design and Development Services

The 7 Reasons to Invest in Windsor Web Design and Development Services

The 7 Reasons to Invest in Windsor Web Design and Development Services

Companies around the globe are now hiring web design services to ensure their firm appears professionally to their online visitors. It’s an essential element within an online business structure and ensures companies maximize their revenues and online engagement levels. To help guide you in choosing services for your Windsor company, we’ll highlight the seven reasons to invest in web design work.

  1. Scalable Growth

With the online marketplace growing rapidly, and new technologies to help build your organization still being developed, it’s important that you use professional Windsor web design services in gaining a foundation for the future. Professional designers can help you build a design that captures the attention while driving potential clients away from your competitors, and will help to give the company a foundation for growth in future. They can also set your company up for video and mobile integration, opening your business up to new audiences.

  1. SEO Compliance

Your web design should also be compliant with the latest SEO rules. A professional designer can help you stay in-line with the latest Google search guidelines, helping keep the site on the front page of results.

  1. Match the Style with Your Brand

A professional web designer can help you in building a site design that suits your Windsor brand. They can capitalize on your current branding and use their knowledge to create seamless appeal from the offline to the online market.

  1. Precise Functionality

Whether you want to simply have an information website, or to build a platform for the purchase of products and services via your online portal, a web designer can build this precise functionality. The system will work flawlessly and help your business grow.

  1. Integrate Mobile Design

Smart phone users are growing in number daily. A web designer can help you reach your core smart phone user audience and ensure that the site performs flawlessly across all devices.

  1. Expert Design Means Expert Maintenance

A professional designer can help keep your site looking its peak best through professional maintenance services. They can make small changes over time to ensure SEO compliance targets and audience needs are met with precision.

  1. Seamless Navigation

The studies show that visitors will click away from a site within seconds if they can’t find the page or information they need. A professional designer can build the ideal navigational elements within your site design to keep users engaged and to take them where they want to go within the site.

Book a professional design consultation today! The Web Geeks team is standing-by to offer our experts and help you build your ideal online business.

6 Reasons to Invest in Local SEO Services

6 Reasons to Invest in Local SEO Services

6 Reasons to Invest in Local SEO Services

A leading challenge many business owners face is attracting clientele within their own marketplace. Businesses grow from their local region and then build over time. Local SEO services are now an essential element within complete digital marketing strategies.

We’ll explore the 6 reasons your company must have an effective local SEO strategy.

  1. Highly Targeted

One of the leading benefits of local SEO services is that, because local traffic is tightly targeted, businesses can position their brand more effectively. Local searchers are often looking for a specific type of business in their area and using local SEO services gives companies the opportunity to reach that ideal target audience within their region.

  1. Timely

Local SEO searches are also timely. Queries are often made with the intent of visiting a company or buying a product that day. This means reaching out using local SEO services offers companies that opportunity to connect with high-value, purchase-ready buyers.

  1. Mobile Connected

Local SEO services can also improve your company’s mobile presence. You’ll attract local buyers that are searching from their smart phone while on the go, reaching an audience that is already traveling and looking for a certain product or service.

  1. Connect with Google My Business

Only 44% of companies have claimed their Google My Business profile. Working with local SEO experts, you can ensure your profile is built with the intention of attracting qualified local buyers. The process will give you the advantage in the local marketplace and keep your company on the front page for high value searchers.

  1. Return on Investment

The value of local SEO services is clear. Unlike with newspaper advertising or marketing on local radio, local digital strategies are based on tangible, actionable data that can ensure your company achieves a return on investment over time. Local SEO experts can build your strategy based on client actions, using proven data to achieve effective results.

  1. Local Competition

More and more companies are becoming digital marketing savvy. They are using their site and social media platforms to reach local audiences, and your company must respond if it’s to stay ahead in its market. By working with qualified SEO experts, you can enact strategies that build your organization’s brand reputation and safeguard your company against evolving trends.

Our team at Web Geeks has helped many different types of company reach their market objectives through refined local SEO campaigns. To begin your new local campaign today, contact our experts directly!