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How LinkedIn Can Improve Your Brand’s Marketing

How LinkedIn Can Improve Your Brand’s Marketing

Do you own and operate your own brand? Then you need to be on LinkedIn. A social media platform for professionals, LinkedIn is versatile in what it can do for your small business. From merely being a funnel to finding new employees to a method for engaging with other entrepreneurs in your industry, every brand needs to be on LinkedIn. As with all things, what you get out of the platform depends on the effort you put into it.

LinkedIn can even assist you in improve your brand’s digital marketing gameplan, and that’s where we’ll focus. If you’re ready to reach that next level, LinkedIn can help you to get there. Below are a few of our favourite methods for improving your small businesses’ marketing and growing your brand in the process.


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Come across as an authority

Like all social media platforms, LinkedIn gives you a voice. But unlike most social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, the users on LinkedIn have a reason for being on the platform: to grow professionally. Arguably no other social media platform of this size has users that have the same goal in mind and you can use this to your benefit. With nearly every industry represented on LinkedIn, there’s no reason to create professional content designed to educate other like-minded professionals.

To begin, post content at least once per week; if you can fit in twice a week, do that. Long-form content is king at the moment, so if you can write helpful content that takes more than a few minutes to read go for it. Be sure to add links to your website, other social media platforms, and other helpful content that you’ve posted in the past.

What is your competition doing?

We’ve been told to, ‘do what the smart kids are doing,’ at least once during by a loved one during our formidable grade school years; turns out, it’s good advice. If you’re new to LinkedIn, search for popular and successful brands in your niche and study what they do. How does their profile look? What kind of content do they post? How are they engaging with their audience? How many followers do they have (be sure to know this one)? Model your activities with theirs and see what sticks.

Showcase how you treat employees

Advise your employees to engage with your content – and talk back to them! More engagement means the content will be spread to their network of professionals which in turn will increase that content’s visibility across LinkedIn. It also expands your brand’s reach to networks that would never know your brand existed in the first place. Moreover, this will allow potential employees to notice how much you value your current employees – after all, if a brand’s owner is positively engaging with its workers, that makes a good first impression.

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Prove to the world that you’re open for business

This tip is the easiest in this list: ensure your profile is 100% completed. That’s it. This means including a logo, your brand’s official website, and other details such as company size and location. LinkedIn helpfully lets you know what percentage of your profile needs to be filled out so you always know if it’s complete or not. It may not seem like a big deal, but a totally complete profile goes a long way in gaining trust among influencers and professionals that randomly find your company profile.

Relationship marketing

Whether the original team behind LinkedIn realize it or not (though we’re betting they do), the world’s largest social media platform for professionals was made for relationship marketing. To this end, it’s important to establish and grow relationships with brands, influencers, and professionals in your niche (even those out of your niche). Join existing groups aligned with your industry and communicate with them regularly by sharing your expertise. Assist others in need and help them when you have the opportunity. Just dive in and become part of the communities you’re bound to find on LinkedIn. Grow the relationships you make – some will prove to be invaluable.


Finally, improving your brand’s marketing strategies on LinkedIn puts a human face on your small business. People are much more eager to pay attention to a brand that doesn’t feel like a faceless corporate shell; if it feels like someone is behind the screen that can make all the difference. People want to know you’re a person – prove it to them by being professional yet neighbourly at every turn!

Want to know even more about how to make LinkedIn work for you? Then reach out to Web Geeks. Our digital marketing agency in Windsor, ON can provide the information you need to improve your marketing strategy on this unique social media platform, so call now!


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