How to Follow Trends

How to Follow Trends

We’ve talked about marketing to millennials, and how following trends is incredibly important to reaching that target market. However, you’re more than likely having trouble keeping up with the trends that are consistently changing on what seems like a semi-daily basis. Don’t fret – this is normal! Luckily, The Geeks are here to teach you how to effectively follow the trends, and stay consistent!


This is the easiest and arguably most effective way of keeping up with the trends. When you’re on social media, check the sidebars for the trending hashtags. This will give you insight on what’s currently trending, as they update regularly as the trends come and go. Keep an eye on the number of people talking about a certain topic. This is displayed underneath the trending hashtag, and it can allow you to see just how popular it is – as well as if it’s on the rise or decline.

Make A List of Influencers

Another great way of keeping track of trends is by watching the root of trends – the influencers. Social media influencers are the users that carry influence over other users. For example, celebrities such as Kylie Jenner have a huge following on social media platforms (in her case it’s Instagram) and as such carry a large influence over their follows.

Keeping with the Kylie Jenner example, if you worked in the fashion industry and wanted an idea of which direction fashion is headed, following Kylie Jenner would be a great way to get a good idea. A large part of her social media interactions has to do with beauty, and many followers take what she wears and apply it to their own closets. By following these influencers, not only will you know the trends – you can stay ahead of them.

Google Trends

This is a tool that not many people seem to know about or use. However, it’s arguably one of the most useful tools one can use for following trends. Google Trends allows you to see the latest trends, data, and visualizations from Google. While social media platforms get their information from what people are talking about and sharing, Google Trends pulls their data from the search network. Combining this tool with social media trends can ensure that you are on top of trends in real-time!

By using the tools necessary, you can easily keep up with trends as they happen, and even stay ahead of them! By following the trends that your target market is taking part in, you can utilize it in your inbound marketing initiatives and sell more products. Eventually, you may be able to start your own trends!

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