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You have to understand that when an ad is served it does not mean it is certainly seen by users. You published your ads, and your online impression served on certain web pages, and that’s good. However, are you confident to say your ads are viewed? Being seen means everything for an ad, right?

Fortunately, Google has worked on a Viewable Impressions standard partnering with the industry since 2013. When the Media Rating Council lifted its Viewable Impression Advisory in 2014, marketers and advertisers switched their focus from served impressions to viewable impressions, which is measured by the Viewability.

Viewability helps determine how likely it is that an ad was actually seen by a user. Defined by the Media Rating Council, a display ad is considered viewable when 50% of an ad’s pixels are in view on the screen for a minimum of one second.

Factors of Display Viewability

Let’s take a look at the factors affecting the extent to which ads are seen. The following is based on the research of 5 Factors of Display Viewability by Google.

1. State of publisher viewability

A small number of publishers are serving most of the non-viewable impressions

2. Page position

The most viewed position is not at the top of the page but instead is right above the fold, which is part of a web page that is visible before scrolling down.

3. Ad size

Ads that are vertical can stay on the page longer when you scroll, and the dimensions with the highest viewability rates are 120X240 (55.6%), 240X400 (54.9%), and 160×600 (53.7%).

4. An ad above the fold does not mean always viewable

Averagely, only 68% ads above-the-fold impressions are viewable, while the percentage is 40% for those below-the-fold impressions.

5. Viewability varies across industries

Content that draws the user’s attention has the highest viewability.

So, How Do I Increase My Google Ads Viewability?

In the rest of this post, we will talk about some best technical practices to improve ad viewability advised by the team of Google. A downloadable PDF file can also be found here.

#1 Viewability Measurement

Viewability measurement

(Image source: Viewability Spotlight for Sellers)

#2 Speed & Responsiveness

Optimize for responsiveness

(Image source: Viewability Spotlight for Sellers)

 #3 Layout of Ads

Layout viewability

(Image source: Viewability Spotlight for Sellers)

#4 Optimize Viewability of Ads & Content

Ads and content for optimal viewbility

(Image source: Viewability Spotlight for Sellers)


My name’s Cole Kierdorf, and I am an intern at Web Geeks Marketing. In this blog, I’m going to give you some insight on what happens at Web Geek’s Marketing, and how it runs on a typical day.

I wake up at 6:30 AM, though I don’t start working until 9 AM. It gives me enough time to get a head start on the day and make sure I’m ready for whatever gets thrown at me. Before I arrive to the office however, I have to stop at Tim Hortons – coffee is the key to getting my brain ready for the day!

I try to arrive at the office a few minutes before everyone else. I’m an intern, so I need to give a good impression. The boss always beats me of course – he unlocks the doors, and everyone else isn’t far behind him. Everyone seems just as eager to work as I am. It’s almost intimidating, and it pushes me to give a strong performance when the work hits.

Morning Hustle

I walk into my office, set up my laptop and the day begins! I start by checking my emails to see if any new tasks had come in. Once I see what the day has in store, it’s time to start working!

Finally, everyone is there and the advertising hustle can begin. People slowly come into mine and Matt’s office to say hello and give us some insight on the goals for the upcoming weeks. After that, everyone goes back to typing away at their keyboards as we email each other back and forth things that need to get looked over, posted, and typed out.

I can hear the phone starting to ring as clients start calling for assistance or new tasks, and that’s when thing’s really start to pick up.

Working within a time frame makes it more interesting because you really have to pull your creative thoughts together to make sure it’s done to the best of your abilities. Here at Web Geeks, they accept nothing but top quality, so when you hand in your work you need to put all your effort into it.

Lunch comes, but it feels as though the day just started. I’ve got a whole month’s worth of Twitter and Facebook posts figured out for one company, definitely a change from the school assignments I’m used to. It’s also a lot more enjoyable, so I can’t complain!

Oasis at the Office

The lunchroom is nice and quiet as Matt and I sit and quietly eat our lunches trying to “de-stress”. After we’re done eating, we talk about our college experiences as well as the difference between school and the actual work world.

Irvin, the one overseeing our work, pops his head in on us to check how we’re doing and make sure we aren’t burnt out. It really shows that Web Geek’s is a caring agency when people check on how you’re doing multiple times a day just to make sure you aren’t overwhelmed. They even try to have fitness breaks every 2 hours for a few minutes just to stand up and get your blood flowing again.

After chatting with Irvin and talking to him about work we’re doing for the clients, it’s time to get back to work! As Matt and I finish up scheduling the Twitter and Facebook posts for the month of April for the client, more work comes in.

Analytics Analysis

This time, we gain access to the Google Analytics for a website and have to analyze how it’s performing, and how it can improve.

Analytics may seem like a jumble of numbers and graphs, but when you understand it properly you can tell who is coming to your website, for how long, how they got there and what they do while on the site. It was fun analyzing the data of a real-time business and figuring out how they could improve sales with the customers searching for them on the internet. We found some very useful ways for that business to improve, and it will be interesting to see those changes get implemented.

Competitive Analysis Completion

Another task awaiting our attention. Matt and I now have to create a competitive analysis for a business and all their competition in the surrounding area. This one took a little more work than expected. In the end however, it wasn’t anything that we couldn’t handle.

We started by researching the company and what they do. Then, we looked up any businesses in that area who provided the same service and researched them in depth to learn a little more about them. We then created a PowerPoint presentation to show the client, so that they have an understanding of where their customers might be going and how they can win them back from their competition.

Restless Recap

As we finish the last task we sit and recap on the day. I love the fast-paced environment, it’s almost adrenaline pumping. It’s a very family oriented loving environment where everyone seems close, and it’s nice to see that everyone in the office makes an effort to smile at each other through the day.

Matt and I finished logging our times for the work we did today and it’s finally time to go home.

Can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow!

If you’ve never been out shopping or online for Black Friday through Cyber Monday, then you don’t know why it’s the busiest shopping weekend of the year. Retailers all over the United States swarm to their favorite retail shops to take advantage of the great deals they get for one weekend only. This year, Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend was predicted to drive a total of $11 Billion in online sales, which is 15% more than 2014.

What Are The Stats For Black Friday/Cyber Monday Weekend This Year?

Based on the data found after Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend 2015, there was a 24% growth in online sales in comparison to 2014! As shown below, most of online shopping occurred on Mobile devices. Nanigans data shows that there was a 223% increase for purchases on Black Friday on mobile this year in comparison to the past 4 Black Fridays.Black Friday Mobile Stats

Cyber Monday saw some advantages as well in comparison to the past years. Consumers purchasing on mobile during Cyber Monday saw an increase of 111%. The bigger number to look at is +50%! This shows that 50% of people shopping online bought online. Expect this figure to increase next year.

Cyber Monday Stats

Here are The Categories That Benefited the Most:

• Electronics
• Jewelry
• Apparel
• Sporting Goods (specifically Golf Items)

How Did This Happen?

Influencers and Social Commerce drive revenue. It’s important for retailers to stay on their toes when it comes to running social ads during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You never know what items could take off and go viral in a matter of hours (which could max out your budget & inventory faster than you anticipated).

Some Key Points to Keep In Mind Next Year:

• People are shopping for other people, so low-priced ticket items sell best
• The news is out about increased sales for online shopping, be prepared to be competitive when using Google Shopping, online ads or pay-per-click ads.
• Build awareness of your brand and products prior to sales weekend. Have your customers look forward to great deals during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.
As you can see, retail stores need to take advantage of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday specials. It’s been proven year-over-year, the sales are increasing and the online closing rate was at 50% this year. Every Business-to-Consumer company should plan to take advantage of this next year. Next year’s Black Friday is November 25th and Cyber Monday will be on November 28th. Remember the date and have the Geeks at Web Geeks work with you to be profitable.

With 2016 right around the corner, it’s time to look over your SEO strategies. Ask yourself these questions to keep on top of emerging practices by Google and other search engines.

  1. Is your website mobile-friendly? More people than ever are using smartphones and other wireless devices. In fact, mobile searches overtook those done on a desktop for the first time this year. Google marks pages with mobile versions and ranks them higher during local searches. Businesses that have outdated desktop-only websites are much less likely perform well in search results.
  2. Are you providing quality content? More mobile traffic means more people using digital assistants like Siri to do their searches. This is changing the traditional keyword-based query system (“restaurant Indian Seattle”) to a more conversational style (“find Indian restaurants within five miles”). To keep on top, make sure you focus more on relevant articles and blog posts than trying to build a high word count.
  3. Do you have an active social media presence? In the past social media has seemed like a low return on investment. Even so, search engines increasingly index social media sites to include them in search results. Google signed a deal with Facebook and Twitter than has a selection of pages popping up as a scrollable bar on the first page.

If the answer to any of these questions is “no”, consider making some changes. Otherwise you might find yourself falling into the Stone Age of digital marketing.

Right now astute businesses are reaping the rewards of long term SEO and you too can join the club of business owners whose websites are on the first page of Google. Aside from new direct business, you can also gain more business connections to grow your network, as well as generate referrals for your products and services. Download our 10 page pdf that introduces you to Web Geeks SEO services.


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