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The Best Time To Post On Social Media

What’s just as important as gathering good content you can share with your followers? Knowing when to post the content. Our Windsor digital marketing company wants you to know that it’s vitally important to be strategic about when you post your content – otherwise, who’s going to engage with your posts? Posting when nobody is around is a waste of time and content, so understand the best time to post on social media. You must figure this out on your own by posting regularly on your own social media channels; until then, schedule your posts to go live when the most people are statistically active (Buffer makes it simple to do exactly this). You can find the best times and days to post below. Confused?

When are people statistically the most active on social media?

Note: Times are displayed in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

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You might think that Facebook users are the most active in the evening – surprisingly, you’d be wrong. You’re going to theoretically garner the most engagement by posting between 11am – 4pm on any given weekday. SproutSocial claims that the time of the week with the most activity is either on Wednesday at 1pm – 3pm and Thursday between 2-3pm. Evenings and weekends have the least amount of engagement, probably because people are busy.

“Engagement rates consistently peak during the midday on weekdays,” says SproutSocial. “The most engagements are sent on Facebook during typical lunch breaks on Wednesday and

Thursday. Weekends tend to be poorer times for engagement–especially on Saturday. People are out and about on Saturdays so don’t expect much engagement when your audience is the busiest.”


Interestingly enough, Instagram seems popular all the time. Hubspot claims that the best time to post on Instagram is anytime between Monday and Thursday (except between 3-4pm). Videos seem to follow a rule all their own. As long as you post a video after 8am but before 9pm, it shouldn’t impact your engagement. There’s an interesting dynamic you’re probably seeing between both social media platforms: users see Facebook as more of a business tool while Instagram is viewed as a thing you do after work.


Twitter may be the hardest social media platform to find a perfect time to post, mainly because there’s so much engagement happening on Twitter all the time that’s it difficult to know what constitutes a perfect time. SproutSocial suggests the best time to post is Friday between 10-11am – in fact, Friday is the best day to tweet, period. Even so, feel free to post any day between 11am-noon as this hour seems to be when the most users are active. Twitter users seem to use the social network later than any other platform. If you want to post shareable content later in the evening, do it on Twitter.

LinkedIn Hootsuite found some pretty specific best times to post: 7:45am, 10:45am, 12:45pm, and 5:45pm between Monday and Thursday.

“The Hootsuite social team posts on the 45-minute mark because most brands are posting on the hour,” says Hootsuite. A great idea if you want your posts to be ‘separated from the pack,’ and decrease the risk of them getting lost in the shuffle. Since LinkedIn is a business social network, it makes sense that a lot of engagement comes during the workday. Then again, there are always professionals looking for a new job/searching for job leads during the weekend so try posting sporadically a few Saturday’s and Sunday’s to see if your content gets any engagement.

Your best time to post

This one is trickier. It depends on your users, your location, and what’s happening in the world, but by getting to know your audience you can figure this out on your own too. Remember a few tips.

Post in different timezones

Think about where your customers live: if you’ve been shipping a lot of products to California, repurpose your content to go live for customers living in the Pacific Standard Timezone (PST) too. Have a few overseas customers? Schedule repurposed posts to go live when they’re the most active.

What’s trending in your target audience?

Just because you sell baked goods doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from what’s happening in pop culture. Whether it’s Game 5 of the World Series of a celebrity fell off the stage at the Grammy’s, ride the coattails of the hottest talk in pop culture by using trending hashtags and even memes. Whatever it takes to get people to notice your brand!

Count instances of engagement

Take it from this digital marketing agency in Windsor: sometimes it pays to be old school. Open up a spreadsheet on your desktop (or use an old-fashioned pen and paper) and record all instances of engagement: likes, retweets, shares, comments, etc. Record when your posts went live, and in a month you will have an idea as to when your users engage with you the most. Implement it into your post scheduling, and continue getting more accurate as the data keeps rolling in. Also keeps tabs on the analytics of each social media platform. Remember: never stop collecting data!

And if collecting data or keeping track of the best times to post on social media becomes an issue? Reach out to our SEO services company! Windsor entrepreneurs know that when they need a proven team to help them to perfect their marketing strategies, they choose Web Geeks. Call today, and ask about a free consultation!

Whether you are starting your endeavor into social media marketing for the first time or you’ve been around the block a couple of times, it’s vital to know why social media is so important in relation to your brand’s website. After all, utilizing social media isn’t just something you do, ‘just because;’ there’s a reason for it. Below are a few of the top ways on just how social media will drive traffic to your brand-new website.

1. Content is King

And content must always be king. Pay careful attention to the type of content you are posting to your social media platforms while also being aware of the type of content you are creating/commissioning. Not only must the content be aligned with what your audience wants/finds interesting, it must be shareable. That means creating content that will grab your audience’s attention within seconds. Infographics and video content is a great way to do this, but don’t think that the written word is obsolete – far from it. Long-form content is making a comeback in a big way and your audience will certainly read it if you grab their attention. Use a headline that grabs the reader’s imagination and entices them to read more. Hubspot has a solid post on how to write headlines that readers will click on. Post quality, engaging content and others will visit your website to figure out what your brand is all about

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2. Leverage Images on Instagram to Create Excitement Around Your Products

Want to get your followers off of your social media platform and onto your website? Post a sale to showcase your services and/or products. Even without a sale, you need to be utilizing social media to show the world what your brand has to offer. Instagram is perfect for this (they’re even building an app just for shopping) as it focuses on imagery to showcase products. From there, merely linkback to your product’s store page on your website so browsers can find out how to buy what you’re advertising all in one click. You must promote visual content on social media, and this is one of the best ways to do exactly that.

3. See How You’re Matching Up Against Your Competitors

The old saying of keeping, ‘friends close but enemies closer,’ doesn’t apply to this post word-for-word, but there’s some truth there: most notably, keeping your competitors close. You need to know exactly what your competitors are doing on social media every single day: that means knowing when they post, the social channels where they have the most followers, the type of content they post, and how much engagement they get from it all. The last part is key, because it will show you exactly what is working for them and what isn’t. Keep an eye on what works for them and what doesn’t, and see if the same tactics work for you. Even if they don’t, you will get a better idea on how to drive more social media traffic to your site.

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4. Find the Right Communities Using Facebook Groups

Never underestimate the power of small, tight-knit communities. Facebook Groups is a godsend for finding these communities, and they truly can play a major part in bringing traffic to your new website. Especially if your brand specializes in a niche where passion is high, you can use these groups to promote your products and/or services and explain to the community why you’re an authority and they need to visit your site. For example, you can find groups that specialize in selling old VHS tapes to other collectors. It’s such a niche market that finding buyers by blindly posting on social media would probably take forever, but because these collectors congregate in Facebook Groups it’s simple to find the right buyer. Get meta with promoting your killer products, services, and more, and there’s no reason why your website won’t see boosts in traffic!

If your business could use some help with social media management and digital marketing to drive traffic to your new website, schedule a meeting with Web Geeks to discuss how we can help to grow your business.

For those of you that are just now jumping into the word of social media marketing, we want you to know that properly utilizing social media to benefit your brand isn’t impossible. Anyone can figure it out if they continue to educate themselves, never get too comfortable, and keep an open mind regarding what works and what doesn’t. It’s a fast-paced industry – and one that’s always evolving – so being complacent is something you never want to do. Be prepared, keep your head up high, and above all…

Have a plan

What do you want to get out of your social media platforms? Are you hoping to drive traffic away from your social pages and to your website in hopes of generating sales? If so, you need to focus on that goal. Do you merely want to use your social media accounts as a way to connect with current and potential customers? Again, keep this goal in mind. Everything you do on social media as related to your brand should be done with the goal(s) you have in mind. Merely posting anything won’t do you any good, especially since you must…

Know your audience

A social media goal means nothing if you don’t know what your audience wants and/or needs. You need to know what they like, the influencers they follow, what they like/are passionate about, and so on. Buffer has a great post showcasing free tools that will allow you to understand your followers and other metrics. Take this data and create compelling content that is certain to generate the right response from your followers.

Create Shareable content

What do our social media experts in Windsor, ON mean when we say that you need to create shareable content? At its core, it means to create content that will generate a response from followers (this is where knowing your audience is invaluable); beyond that, it means creating content that is digestible by followers of your niche. Long-form articles that will speak to your audience is all the rage right now, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore tried-and-true visual content – on the contrary, you must embrace it! Create infographics that will prove to be useful to your followers, share images that speak to them, and of course…

Invest in Video Content

Especially on YouTube. Listen, YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Web; it is imperative that you get a ‘piece of that pie’ and utilize the power of video content on a regular basis. Be creative but to-the-point: most people will not want to sit through a five-minute video that takes three-minutes to get good. If you can’t grab someone’s attention within the first five-seconds, you might as well trash the video and go back to the drawing board.

Need ideas? Consider creating content that shows the behind-the-scenes antics of your brand (your followers are interested in that sort of thing). Create unique content related to your brand (e.g. how bread is baked if you operate a bakery) and share other videos that is ideal to your audience. From there…

Reach Out to Influencers

Other influencers are competition, but that doesn’t mean they won’t ‘scratch your back,’ if you offer to, ‘scratch theirs.’ If they posted a piece of awesome, shareable content that has you kicking yourself in the pants for not coming up with the idea yourself, reach out to them! Ask them if you can share their content (mention you will give them credit, of course), and chances are they will say yes. You will appear as if you have your pulse on your audience’s wants and needs, you raise the odds of further engagement, and there’s a chance the influencer will share your content one day. It’s truly a win-win for everyone.

Respond to Customers Instantly On Social Media

Social media is much more than a portal for posting – it’s also the best way to improve your customer service. Since most people are on social media, reaching out to brands and asking questions has become instantaneous – and most people expect brands to reply to their questions via social media sooner than later. A platform like Facebook even scores you on how quickly you respond to messages; for brands, this might as well be a customer service grade. Respond to customers as quickly as possible to let them know they can count on you to answer any question they may have; if they know they can count on you, they trust that they can count on the products/services you provide.

Business owners have a lot of different tasks on their hands, and social media marketing can be a full-time job. If your business could use some help with social media marketing, get in touch with Web Geeks to see how we can help grow your business.

You finally have a beautiful website that is going to blow your visitor’s minds the first time they visit – now what? You could hope and pray that the visitors will magically start showing up and interacting with your brand, or you could make them come to you. Using the power of social media, it’s possible to create a systematic game plan that attracts people on social media and drives them to your website. The best part? With enough elbow grease and a whole lot of grit, any entrepreneur can do it. Below are just a few of the many ways social media can start converting your followers into actual customers.

Know each platform’s role for your business

Although it can be tempting to sign up for every social media account you can think of, you need to be aware of each platform’s role. They’re not all created equal, and some platforms are better suited for particular content than others. Think of them like tools. You wouldn’t use a screwdriver to hammer a nail, would you? Thus, using Snapchat to share paragraphs of updates as you would on Facebook isn’t going to cut it. Think about the results you want from your social media accounts, and post accordingly.

For example, if you want to share text-heavy updates, Facebook is a great place to do this; Twitter is too if you want to keep your updates to a paragraph. To prove to your community that you are an authority figure in your niche (more on this in a moment), Reddit is a great place to do this (it’s also an awesome way to speak to current and would-be customers one-on-one). For sharing strictly multimedia content (e.g. videos, pictures, audio clips, etc.), platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are all fair game.

Consistent posting

Have you ever visited a businesses’ Facebook Page only to find they haven’t posted anything in months? Did you become a customer? Exactly! Consistently posting content isn’t just a good way to make the public know that your business isn’t dead – it’s the foundation for the rest of your social media game plan. The trick is to post content that followers will find engaging. Posting helpful content is the best way to do this as it raises the odds of your followers sharing this content with others (more on sharing later). This can be anything from helpful blogs on your website to videos, Infographics, images, etc.; as long as it’s helpful and tailored to your brand, it’s fair game.


Share content related to your brand with your followers when possible. Be sure to always source where the content is being shared from. This will protect you from being accused of stealing the content (it happens) while alerting the original poster to know about your brand. By posting shareable content regularly, you raise the stakes of that person sharing your content on their platform (thus, alerting others of your presence). While you can share whatever you want, remember: short, concise content that can be consumed in under a minute has maximum impact (e.g. videos, images, etc. as discussed earlier).

Be the authority

Who are you most likely to do business with: a brand that proves they know what they’re talking about or one that keeps quiet and doesn’t say anything? You know the answer. When you have knowledge about your industry, you have information that your followers want to hear. Posting helpful content is a great first step, but go further and consider doing Q&A’s (Questions & Answers) on a platform like Facebook, Twitter, and even Reddit. These can be real-time text-based answers, or you can ask your audience to send questions that you will answer in a video (that will be ripe for being shared later). Do one or both – you can’t go wrong with either. Write e-books to give to your followers for free when applicable, always answer questions, and above all be helpful. When you’re an authority, the people that want services/products like yours won’t be able to help themselves from visiting your site! [/et_pb_text][et_pb_image _builder_version=”3.12.2″ src=”https://webgeeks.com/wp-content/uploads/Web-Geeks-Blog-Social-Media-Traffic-04.jpg” alt=”Social Media Advertising Transparency” force_fullwidth=”on” /][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.12.2″]

Share reviews, too

Did someone say something nice about your brand? Let your followers know about it! When your brand isn’t seen as a gamble and one they can depend on, you will attract more followers and customers as your social media game plan unfolds. It’s good to brag when it brings added business, so do it on the regular when applicable.

Post when your followers are most active

To make all of these tips work at their best, do them when your followers are most active. For example, if a large portion of your brand targets overnight workers you may want to post your content between 8-10pm and 7-9am. You want to find the ‘sweet spot’ where you can post where the majority of your followers will be looking at their devices. Post too early or too late, and your content is more susceptible to getting drowned out by other social media influencers vying for your follower’s attention.

Notice that we mentioned posting twice; that wasn’t a typo. Adhere to former Apple Chief Evangelist Guy Kawasaki’s strategies for reposting content; mainly, repurposing the content (i.e. don’t just copy-and-paste your previous posts) every time you post. Repurpose and post for followers in different timezones and geographic locations to maximize your ultimate reach.

If you are looking to grow your business’ online visibility with a new website and promote it through social media and marketing tactics, schedule a meeting with Web Geeks to see how we can help your business grow!

Social media marketing is something that every business should be doing to build their online presence, inform the community on what their business is up to and to engage with customers. Building a friendly, helpful and lasting relationship with customers will make them feel welcome and lead to repeat business. Since there are so many social networks and platforms to cover regarding social media marketing, we’ll tell you about some of the tactics our digital marketing team uses here at Web Geeks.

Social Media Post Scheduling

Our social media team uses a tool that allows us to compose and schedule social media posts to simultaneously publish on social media platforms such as to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and more! This allows users to view a weekly or monthly calendar to get the larger picture of what is being posted to social media for all clients. You can also filter by social profile to ensure that all of your planned posts have been scheduled.

Social Seeding

Our social seeding strategies include following relevant Facebook Pages, Twitter and Instagram feeds and even following hashtags and posts within geographic areas to build our clients’ business. Social media marketers can use these strategies to Like, comment, share and engage with social posts from other pages and influencers to grow our clients’ online presence and associate with relevant Pages and their audiences. On some social networks, following new users to get them to follow you back is an effective social seeding tactic.

Social Media Hashtag Research

Web Geeks’ social media team uses tools to determine the most effective hashtags for your posts. Our tools show the volume of posts with each hashtag so you can include high-volume/low-volume hashtags on your posts to get immediate (and in some cases, long-lasting) exposure.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook Business Manager and Ads Manager allow marketers to create ads that will be served across Facebook, Instagram and partner sites, including many local news providers. There are many different types of ads that are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on your marketing objective, you may use different types of ads focusing on engagement, link clicks, video views, awareness, actions like registrations completed on another site or promoting an event.

Targeting options include restricting the area your ads are served to a specific area, age group, gender, and can even add interest and life stage targeting. For example, a wedding and event coordinator can craft their messaging towards women who are planning a wedding by targeting women in the local area who are recently engaged.

Reporting Tools

Clients want to see results from their social media marketing, and Web Geeks has access to reporting tools to give measurable results. Insights from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow us to see what posts performed the best with their audience, had the most reach and to show the growth of social media profiles as time goes on. These insights can also show who your audience is and where they are coming from.

If you are driving users to a website, it is essential to have Google Analytics tracking installed which gives a wealth of useful information. Google Analytics tells a user how many people visit the website, what pages they visit, how they got there, how long they spend on each page, and even shows the paths that visitors take to travel from one page to another. This data is essential when you are driving people off social media to a website to understand if your efforts are effective at getting visitors to complete your goal on the website.

Other reporting tools allow us to pull customized reports pulling in data from multiple social media platforms and website analytics, customized to clients’ goals.

Creating Graphics with Adobe Creative Suite and Online Tools

Social media marketers need to be photographers and graphic designers as well. At Web Geeks, we have a graphic designer working full time to create stunning graphics for our clients’ social media posts. Using programs in the Adobe Creative Suite, we have the skills to touch up photos and customize them as needed. There are other online graphic creation tools that can be used. Canva (https://www.canva.com/templates/social-graphics/) is a useful online graphics tool that includes templates for various social media and banner ads, they even have pre-made graphics which can be customized!

Stock Photos

Sometimes our clients do not have photos to use for daily posting, and that is okay! Our social media team has access to millions of stock photos and images that can be customized to create the perfect graphics to communicate our clients’ messages to their audience.

There are a lot of skills that go into digital marketing and learning to use them all correctly can be time consuming for business owners. You must be a writer, photographer, graphic designer and web designer. If you are looking to expand your business’ online presence, meet with Web Geeks to learn how our team of digital marketers can help your business grow!

Let’s admit that the flow of user engagement with branded content is the best on Instagram. There is absolutely no comparison to the reach and engagement to photo and videos achieve on Instagram compared to other social media platforms. Looking into the social network’s background, Instagram became popular when it was released in mid-2012 and has been popular ever since.

Features that have made people embrace Instagram were the trending feed, high definition photos, digital artists creating exceptional graphics. The opportunity to engage and connect with their favourite sports teams, athletes, celebrities and much more has led to users embracing Instagram.

Brands have been following the trend and have begun to create impressive graphics for their Instagram handle for better engagement. That’s not all, here is a list of reasons why Instagram is best suited for brands to be creative and drive more sales.

1.) Hashtags

Talking about hashtags, the use of them is widespread on Instagram. Hashtags can be anything, based on location or based on the content of the image, seasonal tags or sponsoring or spreading events in a local town. There are endless possibilities for hashtags and they are very diverse. Brands have the option to use popular hashtags on their posts or create their own custom hashtag and have it go viral through engagement and enticing others to share photos with their hashtag. Using the help of internet and other social media tools, a viral hashtag on photos uploaded to Instagram by various users give a greater reach to the brand and helps to attract new users and increase sales.

2.) Location tagging

People checking in the movie theater, shopping mall, night club, stadium, cities, neighbourhoods and various places around the world helps other on the feed know what they are doing and where they took the photo. Hence brands having a location tag for their store and letting people check in the store would let everyone on the follower list know about the store and the brand the person has checked in. Users can click on the location tag and see every photo that was uploaded and tagged at that place.

3.) Content creators and influencers

Instagram is full of exceptional artists and performers that are found nowhere else. Artists display their work on Instagram via photos and videos. This helps brands to discover artists with large following that are a good fit with their brand and to reach out and collaborate and make great content for their feed.

4.) Lots of engagement

Once brands have posted great content that was made in collaboration with an influencer, all they need is audience to like it. Most of the time, the audience would love it as the work from the artist would be new and eye-catching. Instagram supports content, rewarding photos that get good engagement from their followers by giving a wide reach, when compared to the same content being posted to other social media platforms.

5.) Instagram TV (IGTV)

The new IGTV feature on Instagram allows users to post longer videos than 1 minute, which can be used by brands to post a story of how they come up with ideas for content or show things that have been going on behind the scenes to create their content. IGTV content lets brands show how they have collaborated with artists, putting in efforts for new commercial video and what different trends the company is following.

6.) Fancy feed

Instagram profiles show photo previews as squares, lined up 3 in a row. Users and brands have found a way to plan their posts so that the previews on the profile looks like a pattern. So, when a user who has never followed the brand before stumble upon the profile, they are likely to like the pattern and fall in love with the brand, following them and seeing their future posts.

7.) Instagram Stories

Stories were introduced later by Instagram, which show us a quick view of what brands are doing. Stories can show messages, polls and current events and news from the brand. The one good thing about story is it lets users engage with it and then gets auto deleted in 24 hours. This is a cool feature that is all about timeliness and showing current events!

8.) Shareable posts

Instagram posts are now shareable through private messages and groups chats in Instagram, so that the person who first saw a post can send it to someone else to discuss how good the post is. Brands can take advantage of this by posting great content that people want to share and this will increase the brand’s popularity and reach very quickly.

9.) Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes, peeks into personal lives behind brands and posting funny things that make people laugh and they could relate to are posted on the Instagram profiles of brands which will build emotional connections between brands and their audience. This creates a trust factor that looks more authentic and relatable to users who follow the brand.

All of the features listed above are factors in why so many people have embraced Instagram as their go-to social media platform. Since there are so many people of all ages using Instagram every day, brands should be sure to create content for the platform to gain a following there. If your business is looking to get started with social media marketing, get in touch with Web Geeks to let us help build your brand.

Recent changes to the social media advertising landscape have given users more of an inside look at what ads brands are running online. Here’s a look at the recent updates that Facebook and Twitter have made to provide some transparency to see what ads are being served on the platforms.

Facebook’s “Info and Ads” Tab

Facebook has added a tab called “Info and Ads” on all pages that provides users with information about the page they are looking at and advertising on Facebook. This view shows two columns of information – “Page Info” and “Active Ads”.

The Page Info section shows users the day that the page was created and shows if the page’s name has changed and when. This is useful to protect users by showing them if a page has been created under a different name, built up followers and then changed to something else – one example is new pages running Follow, Like & Share contests that act as if they are giving away high-value items like cars, cruises or vacations – they may use these tactics to build up a large page following, and then later change the name of the page and start posting completely different content.

The Active Ads section shows all of the ads that the page is currently running – even if the targeting of the ad does not apply to you. This is useful for users to see what promotions brands and advertisers have active. Anything from Nike to Apple to publishers like CBC, BuzzFeed, Ranker, Fox News or The Windsor Star, users can see if they are currently running ads, how many, and see each ad. The Active Ads section is also helpful for businesses and brands to see what ads and promotions their competitors are running on Facebook.

See Facebook’s Q&A on Ads and Pages Transparency for more information on how to get a look at how others are advertising on Facebook.

Twitter’s Ads Transparency Center

Not to be outdone, Twitter also unveiled their Ads Transparency Center, which lets users find out who is advertising on Twitter. It will allow users to search for any Twitter handle and see all the ads that they ran in the past week.

For US federal political campaign ads, Twitter is going even farther and showing details including billing information, ad spend, impression data and demographic targeting data. Read Twitter’s full release on this that includes all details around Twitter’s Ads Transparency Center.

There is also a Twitter Ads Transparency Center FAQ page that makes the feature easy to use for Twitter users.

Although social media advertising is becoming more complex, it is still a very powerful tool for businesses of all sizes to grow their customer base. If your business is interested in advertising on Facebook or Twitter, get in touch with Web Geeks and we can manage your social media ads!

Do you find yourself spending too much time on social media? Every day, people are spending hours of their lives on social media between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest. People are having a hard time pulling themselves away from their screens and news feeds. Today’s tech companies recognize the struggle we face with social media and smartphone addiction and are giving us tools to monitor our usage.

Android and iOS introduce Time Management features

Since the majority of social media screen time is viewed through a smartphone, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS have introduced tools to manage the amount of time spent on different apps.

The upcoming iOS 12 includes a new feature called Screen Time, which has Activity Reports showing users how much time they spend in different types of apps including Games, Entertainment, Social Networking, Productivity and more. This helps people to understand how they are using their iPhones and iPads, which apps they are spending time in and allows them to decide when they spend too much time in an app. They introduced the App Limits feature so users can limit the amount of time they can spend in specific apps per day, allowing people to police themselves.

Another feature of iOS 12 this is “Downtime” which allows users to set aside blocks of time where specific apps can’t be used and notifications won’t be displayed. These features are extremely useful for parents to be able to limit their children’s use of iPads and iPhones, parents can even access their child’s Activity Report from their own device.

On the Android side, Google is introducing a “Digital Well Being” app that includes similar features to track and limit time spent in certain app. Android’s feature also includes Parental Controls similar to what Apple will be rolling out. Once an app has reached its usage limit for the day, its icon will go grayscale on the home screen and will not open, unless you change your usage settings in the dashboard.

These new updates will make life easier for parents whose children have access to smartphones and tablets for entertainment.

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Facebook and Instagram Introducing their own Time Monitoring tools

As social media networks see the writing on the wall of smartphone operating systems being able to limit app usage, Facebook and Instagram are introducing their own time monitoring features. Instagram is reportedly working on their own Usage Insights feature which can track daily time spent, set a limit and receive a reminder once they exceed the time limit. Instagram has also launched a feature telling users “You’re All Caught Up” once they have seen all new posts from the last 48 hours – this could help users avoid spending extra time in the app looking at content they’ve already seen.

Facebook is working on their version currently called “Your Time on Facebook” which has similar options, showing how many minutes were spent per day in the app, allowing users to set daily limits and reducing the notifications shown during that time. Since users are aiming to spend less time on the social network, Facebook has recently made changes to their algorithm to show users more posts from their family and friends, less posts from businesses and brands, making the limited time they spend in the app more valuable and personal to them.

The first step in getting help is admitting you have a problem – these new time management features from tech companies will help users to curb their social media and tech addictions!

Using social media for customer care is a relatively new venture, so it is unsurprising that there are still many brands out there that are yet to incorporate it into business plans, and many others that have only just started to use it. Although social media customer care is similar to other forms of customer service, there are still some key differences that should be taken into consideration when dealing with customers.

One of the most important things that can come out of providing customer care on social media is that it can be a fantastic way to build customer relationships. People use social media to be social, meaning that they want to get in contact with brands and businesses, especially if they are actively searching for them. Social media provides a new platform to engage with customers easily and naturally, a platform that was not necessarily there before.
Arguably, the best part is that many social media platforms can be integrated seamlessly in an existing website, regardless of the website builder used to create it in the first place.
Let’s take a look at some key tips when it comes to providing customers with the very best care on social media.

Speed is of the essence

Social media has created an ‘always on’ expectation that other forms of customer care do not have. For example, phone and email support are only expected to be available during working hours, yet most customers expect to get a response on social media no matter what time it is that they are messaging.

Most people expect a reply on social media within 60 minutes or less, which is quite a big ask for brands, especially when they have queries coming in from all sides to deal with. The effects of poor response time can be quite devastating for a brand, as customers are likely to tell family and friends about the poor experience that they had, or worse, they could use social media to complain publicly about their experience.

Going public or private

Overall, social media is a fairly public place. The majority of content posted is available for all to see, but sometimes there will be the occasion where a company should talk privately about a matter with a customer, and brands should be aware of when those situations arise.

For example, if a complaint is posted publicly about a brand on social media. You may feel it is best to message the customer privately to sort the matter out, but if you do this, you should make sure to comment on the original post as well to make it look as though you are not just ignoring the original complaint.

Respond to everything

There is nothing better than building trust and a good reputation with your customers than interaction with them, and the more interaction the better. This is one of the biggest social media practices, that every comment, post, mention, and check in should be responded to, even if it is something as simple as a like.

You would never simply ignore a customer in a store, so why would you do it online? They are mentioning your company for a reason, they want to be heard, and they won’t take lightly to being blanked. Replying to everyone can be time consuming, so many brands have created a database of pre-made responses they can use for a range of situations.

Adding a personal touch

When using social media, it is usually pretty easy for a brand to gather at least some basic information about the customer. Brands should not hesitate to use some of this information, even if it is something as simple as using the customer’s name.

Take a look at the infographic below to see how small businesses and major brands are using social media to build customer relationships. Web Geeks offers social media management along with our digital marketing services.

The importance of social media for modern day brands and businesses cannot be understated. Today, pretty much every major brand, business, and company have an active presence on major social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest.
Why, though?
The reason is simple – social media is the place to be.
Nike showed as much by dominating the consumers’ imagination over the London Olympics, even though the official sponsor of the event was no other but Adidas. Savvy, multi-channel social media presence outshone Nike’s main competitor with remarkable ease.
Pretty soon, over 25% of the world’s population will be using social media every single day to connect with friends, stay up to date with favorite brands, and even shop with them, directly through their Facebook or Instagram pages.
This is why having an active presence on social media is so important; your customers are there, and they expect you to be too. Most people today will reach out to brands and businesses on social media instead of calling up customer support or going in-store for help. Plus, people use social media to sway buying habits and often use social media to research products before buying them.
There is an audience in the billions on social media which is instantly accessible and ready to be engaged. It is a unique opportunity seen never before, and companies willing to put in the extra effort to have an active and engaging social media presence are going to be the most successful ones around.
Social media and ecommerce are now coming together as what is known as social commerce where customers can buy your products directly through your social media pages, without ever having to be redirected to your website. Consumers are welcoming these changes, and those who take advantage of being able to sell through social media are seeing staggering increases in sales and revenue.
Want to learn more about social commerce? Check out the infographic below.


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