Pros And Cons Of Using A Single Page Website

Pros And Cons Of Using A Single Page Website

Pros And Cons Of Using A Single Page Website

The days of being proud of a complex website are over. These aren’t the days of Flash any longer: a website that isn’t simplistic is one that risks turning off visitors and sending them to another competitor. To this end, it’s worth considering a single page website to ensure your visitors know exactly what your brand is all about. But is it worth it? Our Windsor digital marketing company explains…


Laser-focused message

A single page website will force you to think strategically about what’s on your website. Because you don’t have pages to work with, there’s only room for the most important, relevant content. This will force you to think hard about the kind of message you want to portray to your visitors (it’s also a great reminder as to what your brand stands for). When visitors browse your website, they need to be able to know exactly what kind of message you’re sending them – and they need to be able to receive it. This leads to…

User engagement

Since your message must be concise and on-point, you control the order they absorb relevant information. This allows you to control your message, thus increasing the odds of visitors engaging with your brand. A single page website also makes it easy to navigate to relevant information, allowing the user to spend less time navigating and more time consuming the information you want them to absorb. Because you don’t have to worry about multiple pages being uniform to the same style, you can take extra liberties to ensure users are getting an experience that will drive them to convert their time into sales.

Better on mobile 52.4% of all global Internet traffic stemmed from mobile in the third quarter of 2018: if that doesn’t convince you to take extra precautions to ensure the mobile version of your website

looks at its best, nothing will. Fortunately, it’s far easier to ensure a single page website looks appropriate on mobile. Simple to optimize for mobile, single page websites are a breeze to navigate and obtain relevant information in a hurry. Your website shouldn’t be harder to navigate than Twitter or Facebook – if it is, you’re losing customers.

Social Media Advertising Transparency


Google Analytics data

If you rely on Google Analytics to provide insights for your website, you may be in for a rude awakening when obtaining data for your single page website. Because there is only one page to visit, it’s hard to get an idea regarding what type of content is converting, if your message is actually succeeding in creating new customers, and more. It’s a pain, but fortunately you can use heatmap tracking tools to obtain relevant data. While an extra hurdle to jump through, it’s not a big deal – and if you have trouble, our digital marketing agency in Windsor can assist you.

SEO could take a hit

Because you have to be so choosy with what appears on your single page website, this may not bode well for your SEO. As your needs evolve and you need to rank for different phrases/keywords, it’s going to be very difficult to do this for more than a few of them. Sure, you could create a second section just for blogs and link it on your single page website, but that would defeat the purpose of having one page for a website altogether.

SEO can be tricky. If you find yourself in such a predicament, contact our SEO services company. Windsor businesses big and small have benefited from our expertise, and we guarantee we can optimize your SEO strategies even with a single page website!

Sometimes it just isn’t logical

There are times when a single page website just can’t work for your business. Some businesses are just complex by nature; cramming all of your information onto a single page website could be more harmful than helpful. Other times, you just need the extra pages to properly flesh out exactly what your business is all about. It isn’t for everyone, but if you can make a single page website work for you it’s in your best interest to do it.

If you need assistance with creating the best website possible for your business, contact our team today. Web Geeks is here to design any website you may have in mind – from a single page website to a complex, multi-page website with a user interface that will make navigating your site a breeze. Contact our team today, and experience the difference.

The Top Five SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design in Windsor

The Top Five SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design in Windsor

Responsive Web Design is more important for businesses in Windsor than ever before, for a very simple reason: Consumers now consume more data on smartphones and tablets, and living in a mobile-first era naturally leads to a move towards a mobile-first index. What used to be an innovation is now the norm, making responsive Web design an integral component of any SEO plan.

Here are the top five benefits it offers:

  1. Pages load faster: How quickly your pages load affects your site’s ranking. All websites should be optimized to load quickly because Google favors these sites in search results. Responsive Web Design can ensure faster loading pages on mobile and smart devices.
  1. Your site usability improves: Responsive Web Design makes your website easier for visitors to navigate which, in turn, has a direct influence on whether or not they will stick around. Google recognizes that ‘time on page’ is a fundamental indicator of your site’s value for any query, so improved user experience translates into more time spent on a site.
  2. Lower bounce rate: This tracks when visitors to your site enter and leave because Google interprets shorter visits as a sign that your content isn’t compelling enough. This leads to a lower ranking. Responsive Web Design has helped a number of businesses in Windsor tackle this problem by making sure design allows easy comprehension and consumption of content.
  3. No duplication: Duplicate content is common among websites that use a separate mobile site and separate URLs. This can damage your rankings if Google cannot differentiate between vital content that needs to be indexed. Also, separate mobile sites don’t rank well in search engines.
  4. Better sharing: Social sharing is now an important aspect of growing an audience, even if it doesn’t have a direct impact on rankings. A bigger audience, in turn, leads to more traffic and engagement. Responsive Web Design can make social sharing seamless.

These are many other ways that Responsive Web Design can have a positive impact on your SEO and page rankings. For more information on how we can help your business in Windsor, contact the Web Geeks team and we will be happy to make recommendations that allow you to focus on other aspects of business growth.

6 Things Your Windsor Competitor Can Teach You about Web Design

6 Things Your Windsor Competitor Can Teach You about Web Design

6 Things Your Windsor Competitor Can Teach You about Web Design

Seeing what works and what doesn’t on a competitor’s website can help your company stay on the right track within the marketplace and attract qualified clientele. By reviewing their website closely, you can learn more on their targets and their strategies, allowing your brand to take the edge. In this latest post, we’ll explore 6 things your Windsor competitor can teach you about web design.

  1. Social Media Buttons

Does the company have social media buttons? Are they placed on specific pages? The addition and placement of social media buttons tell you a lot about their social strategy and how they’re promoting their company across the various platforms.

  1. Is it Mobile Friendly?

Try to visit the site on a mobile device. Is it easy to navigate? Are their forward and back buttons and quick links to all site areas? How quickly does the page load? If the site isn’t optimized for mobile, this may give your brand an opportunity to capitalize in the growing mobile marketplace.

  1. Do they Use Blogs?

If the company has a blog, are they writing regularly or have they left the area to stagnate? Regularly posting new content is one of the best ways of attracting an online audience for your brand. Review your competitor’s content and see which piece have the most engagement.

  1. Unnecessary Features

Oftentimes small businesses use unnecessary features that clutter their sites. If the company has music playing in the background on their site or auto load videos, this is a clear sign they don’t work with web design professionals.

  1. Graphics

The graphics a company uses on their web page will play an important role in its reputation online. It’s critical that you review your competitor’s graphics and the placement of the graphics. Are they used within blog content? Is the company using the same graphic throughout their site? Take note of their graphics and ensure your organization is using a better-quality graphic for its pages.

  1. The Layout

How does the company’s site layout impact the site experience? Can you easily move between pages? The layout of the site and the site’s level of engagement across all pages is an important element in SEO. Making sure your site layout performs better than your competitors will give you the edge in search engine results.

The team here at Web Geeks is here to guide you in building an engaging and fluid web presence. To discover more web design tips, book a consultation with our experts today!


Responsiveness – Why It’s Important

Responsiveness – Why It’s Important

Responsiveness – Why It’s Important

If you have a business with a website over 5 years old, you may not have what is called a “Responsive website”. However, what you may not realize is by not having a responsive site you are really inhibiting your SEO as well as usability for your users. That’s why now it’s more important than ever to have a mobile responsive site. However, you don’t need to do this alone – The Geeks are here to help!


Google Favors Responsive Sites

The main reason you need to update your website is because of how greatly it affects your SEO. As of 2015, Google made responsiveness one of its main priorities in its algorithms meaning older sites that were not responsive would be left in the dust. This means that your competition can place way ahead of you if you don’t have a responsive website – even if the rest of your site is SEO optimized.

Responsive means that the website is suitable for any device. This includes desktops, tablets, and mobile. For example, your site should have readable text no matter which platform the user is coming from – without having to manually zoom. By being responsive, your website will be much more visible on the search engines.


Your Users Are On Different Devices

The fact is, many of the internet’s users are coming from different devices. While in days past, the majority of users were surfing the web on their desktop computer, the fact is now a huge chunk of the users are coming from mobile devices. This means that your website needs to be mobile optimized for their usability.

People in the internet age are impatient. They want websites that load in less than 3 seconds. They want a website with easy navigation – but most of all they want a website that’s optimized for their chosen device. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile and tablet devices, you can almost guarantee that most users will bounce off of the website almost instantly. User usability is important – don’t sacrifice website visits by not having a responsive website.


It’s Cheaper For You

Of course, a responsive website is beneficial to you as well! Think of it this way – in the past, people would have separate sites for desktop and mobile. This would be their own way of having “optimized” pages – however, it would be a separate URL.

This is actually much more expensive in the long run – when you make changes to your website or any updates, you’ll have to now do it twice. With responsive websites, however, this isn’t the case. Now, when you make updates or edit content it will be across the board – no matter which device the user is on they will see these updates. This means that you won’t have to deal with working with different platforms or work twice as long with the updates!


Having a responsive site could make a huge difference for your business. By having a responsive site, you will save on labor costs, make better usability for visitors and boost your SEO and local visibility. This can mean better profits as well as a wider area for branding. If you need help making your website responsive don’t hesitate – The Geeks can help!