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Website Updates

You may not be ready for a new website but you know your current site needs some updates. New banners, graphics and search engine optimized copy. Web Geeks can assist you with website update services completely customized to your specific website requirements. The team at Web Geeks is experienced in a wide array of website platforms including HTML, DNN, WordPress, .NET, as well as many industry-specific solutions.



Blogging has become one of the most important approaches to generating search engine optimized content. But for many smaller organizations, it is just one chore too many for already busy staff. Web Geeks will work with you to generate an editorial calendar that considers corporate announcements, product specials and industry news. Then we’ll provide keyword analysis and have our team of copy writers produce content your customers (and the search engines) will appreciate. We will also post the content to your blog (including images and/or video) and ensure there is proper interlinking and distribution to social sharing sites.


E-Commerce Catalogues

One of the most daunting tasks associated with launching an e-commerce site is populating the online product catalog. Web Geeks has many years experience working with inventory, product descriptions, editing product images and linking collateral information, downloads and related items. We will work with your team to assemble the catalog in a customer-friendly presentation while using imports, exports and manual data entry as required. Web Geeks can take the pain out of your e-commerce setup experience.

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Content Management From Web Geeks

Access the content management specialists at Web Geeks to receive a personalized website update, blogging, and e-commerce catalog building services. Web Geeks makes content management fun, easy and profitable for you.