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What Impression Will You Make?

In the majority of cases, the first impression prospective customers may have of your business comes from your website. Unfortunately for many organizations that also means it will be that visitors’ last impression. A website that looks outdated or provides a negative browsing experience will undoubted affect how that person chooses to engage further with your business.

How To Build A Great Impression

There are three critical attributes to keep in mind when building your web presence: What will the visitor use to access your page; do they find what they are looking for; and do they enjoy their time on your page. Business owners need to understand that the Internet is a selfish tool and it is all about the site visitor. If you fail to meet the visitor’s expectations in any of these areas you run the risk of them simply clicking on the next Google listing and passing you by.


  • WebCMS
  • HTML5
  • Custom Development


  • Online Shopping
  • Inventory Management
  • Data Import/Export

Blog Design

  • Blog Setup
  • Blog Distribution
  • Editorial Calendar

Social Media

  • Social Profiles
  • Content / Graphics
  • Posting / Engagement


  • Campaign Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Ad Networks

Remembering Vine

‘What goes up must come down’. This is a saying that we’ve all been told since we were children. This basic physics lesson is also a metaphor for many things – one that is applicable to the now-defunct social media network Vine. Vine has now been gone for six months....

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Social Seeding

We’ve talked about social media in the past and have given you posting tips. However, today we’ll be talking about something different called social seeding. Social Seeding is a great way to boost your created content and allow you spread it out to a more broad user...

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Built To Order

Web Geeks will work to understand your audience, your offerings and your competitive advantage. Whether your need is for a mobile responsive website, an e-commerce shopping site, social media profiles, or an effective blogging platform, Web Geeks will help you build an impression that visitors will remember.

Built To Work

Building an information and marketing that works is a product of thoughtful, intentional and experienced marketers and technologists. Integration of marketing channels, re-purposing content, gathering and data analysis, customer service and more. Web Geeks will work with you to build a proper foundation for your marketing activities. Web Geeks makes digital marketing fun, easy and profitable for you.


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