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What Do You Mean “A Campaign”?

One thing major brand marketers are really good at is dreaming up and executing effective marketing campaigns. The song, the imagery, the message and the media chosen to provoke the consumer is all carefully conceived and launched to maximum effect. Small to mid-size businesses often fail to think in terms of “campaigns” when they do their marketing. There is a surprising lack of synergy between marketing tactics chosen. For example, a billboard will contain one message but a Google ad communicates something different. Organizations do not have to be large to operate “campaigns” but they do have to be strategic.


Campaign Requirements

A typical campaign will have 3 major components: A message, a call to action and a way to measure results. The message is critical to getting consumer buy-in. The rights words conveying the right emotion will be memorable, invoke trust and preference. The call to action is critical to get the consumer to act on the message being communicated. A nice message with no action equals a waste of marketing budget. Finally, analytics tell the truth. They let you know what is working and what isn’t and perhaps more importantly help you identify areas that can be improved to gain better results.

SEO – How To Rank

Many people think the website process ends after the site has been completed – however, this is not the case. What many people don’t think about when creating a website is SEO optimization. Without SEO optimization, however, the site simply cannot live up to its full...

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Viewability Impressions Does Matter

You have to understand that when an ad is served it does not mean it is certainly seen by users. You published your ads, and your online impression served on certain web pages, and that’s good. However, are you confident to say your ads are viewed? Being seen means...

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Can Web Geeks Help?

Peter Frampton once sang “Show Me The Way” – in reality, you as the business expert probably already know the way. What Web Geeks can do is help you get there. We can help you define and test your message, generate effective calls to action and deploy the campaign through various media all the while putting in place the means to measure the impact of the campaign. Contact us today to get our marketing team working for you!


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