Custom Software Development


Not As Scary As It Sounds

Software development can be an unsettling idea for business managers not familiar with the development process. For more than 20 years, Web Geeks has been providing small and mid-size organizations with custom development and software integration services. Our team has a strong understanding of business processes as well as technology that can be leveraged to drive efficiency and better customer experiences for your users.


How To Get Started

Our process begins with a discovery exercise by which we will work with your team to understand the desired outcome, business rules and development platform of choice. We will create a draft requirements document outlining your requirements in easy to understand, non-technical English. Once we have agreement on the basic concept we will develop a software specifications document outlining in technical terms what the coders need to accomplish.


A One-Stop Development Shop

Our development process is a combination of the Microsoft Development Framework with Agile development attributes. This allows for the best combination of structured design as well as prototyping throughout the development project. By including our client at every stage of the process, you are never surprised by the end-product. We will do quality testing, write user documentation and assist with installation and staff training as required. Web Geeks provides one-stop development for custom software.

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Custom Software Development

If you want to explore developing software for use within your organization to improve operations or to use as the basis for a new online web enterprise, Web Geeks development team can help you assess your requirements and the related work to accomplish the project. Web Geeks makes custom software development fun, easy and profitable for you.

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