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App Specific

Premier Hosting

We choose our hosting partners based on their expertise with your applications. Whether we are hosting your WordPress, DNN or E-Commerce website, we provide advanced technical support for all website installations and plugins / modules / themes. With 20+ years of experience and partners that possess every technical certification available, there is no hosting question we can’t answer.



Don’t Worry About Growing

Our hosting solutions are built to scale. When your business takes off, our data centers are designed to grow with your needs. Never worry about paying for what you don’t need – but when you do need it, we’ve got it for you. Have massive traffic today? Our cloud is built for big traffic and we do it without even breaking a sweat. No matter how big and successful your business, we have you covered!



Don’t Worry About Privacy

Fast secure servers, redundant network architecture, hardware firewalls and high average uptime. If you are hosting an e-commerce site with us, we provide certified PCI compliant networks. Your store’s checkout proves it is protected by SSL certificates so your customers can shop with confidence.

Office 365 from Web geeks

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We Can Help With Your Hosting Needs

Web Geeks can help with your website hosting specifications and right-size the perfect solution. Dedicated server and shared server solutions are available. Web Geeks makes hosting fun, easy and profitable for you.

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