Marketing materials to make that great first impression

Why Marketing Materials?

Do we still need marketing materials? After all, everything has gone to the web, hasn’t it? Well it may be true that the “Internet has changed everything” but it is equally true that the internet is “not everything”. When you meet a prospect, you can’t leave them with the internet – you leave a business card or brochure. Leave behinds remind people that you and your organization are real and the marketing materials tell them where to find you online. We were all given 5 senses – take advantage of the visual and tactile to communicate your brand message or selling proposition.

Integration Is The Key

In reality, it isn’t one marketing tactic or another. The key is integrating all of your marketing activities to create one cohesive message, drive the prospect to desired outcomes and leverage your marketing investment to produce the best ROI with the lowest cost possible. Therefore, build a strong website and then drive your customers to it with every other method at your disposal.

SEO – How To Rank

Many people think the website process ends after the site has been completed – however, this is not the case. What many people don’t think about when creating a website is SEO optimization. Without SEO optimization, however, the site simply cannot live up to its full...

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Viewability Impressions Does Matter

You have to understand that when an ad is served it does not mean it is certainly seen by users. You published your ads, and your online impression served on certain web pages, and that’s good. However, are you confident to say your ads are viewed? Being seen means...

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Web Geeks Pulls It Together

Our design and communication experts will help you lay out a marketing strategy that includes marketing materials such as business cards, post cards, brochures, posters, signage and more. Contact us today to get the creativity churning and the sales prospects calling.

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