Digital Marketing Services: Timely & Informative Reporting


Why You Need Reporting

So how is your business doing? If you don’t have effective reporting, then it is really hard to answer the question accurately and in a meaningful way. As fundamental as reporting is to marketing, so many small and mid-size organizations fail to review how their various marketing campaigns and activities have done, and as a result, have lost valuable insight into how they could be improved. Whether it is a direct mail piece, an online ad or involvement in a trade show, every marketing tactic should be measured and the results reviewed using effective reporting tools.


Analytic Reporting?

Granted, it is harder to measure the results of an outdoor board or radio ad, but it has become relatively easy to track the success of online marketing tactics. Using tools such as Google Analytics to track website traffic and e-commerce sales, marketers can understand where their customers come from, what campaigns generated the traffic, and how profitable the efforts have been. Analytics provide an invaluable view into customer behavior and acceptance of your brand and help you ask the right questions that will result in better outcomes.

SEO – How To Rank

Many people think the website process ends after the site has been completed – however, this is not the case. What many people don’t think about when creating a website is SEO optimization. Without SEO optimization, however, the site simply cannot live up to its full...

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Viewability Impressions Does Matter

You have to understand that when an ad is served it does not mean it is certainly seen by users. You published your ads, and your online impression served on certain web pages, and that’s good. However, are you confident to say your ads are viewed? Being seen means...

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Web Geeks Loves Reporting

Choosing Web Geeks puts you ahead of the curve. Rather than doing SEO by yourself or organizing and training a team to do it in-house and finding your way as you go (which is time consuming and expensive), allowing Web Geeks to do your SEO fast forwards your marketing efforts. With our in-depth consultation and experience, you are poised to gain more ROI from our SEO services.

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