Television Advertising= Smart Business!


The Television Experience

The vast majority of what Canadian and US viewers are watching is live commercial television. Although multiple viewing devices play a part in content viewing, only 13% is streamed – meaning regular TV viewing still represents the broadest opportunity for video marketing. For the majority of viewers, the bigger the screen the better the viewing experience. The primary reason for small screen viewing (smartphones and tablets) is internet connectivity. The vast majority of TV viewing is done in the living room. For the majority of people, TV viewing is a social experience (more than 1 person watching the same TV show together) and they are committed to specific shows and have saved a set of favorite channels.

Television Ad Spending

Digital video advertising is growing at an explosive rate but total sales pale in comparison to Television ad spending by marketers. Approximately $68 billion is spent on TV ad spending in the US annually compared to $5.96 billion on digital ad spending. TV marketing is alive and well. Many marketers feel Television viewing is more conducive to advertising than other forms of digital viewing. Commercial television remains a healthy and vital channel for marketing strategy.

Web Geeks & TV Advertising

Web Geeks can help you create a marketing strategy that effectively blends Television advertising along with other forms of digital and web-based advertising. By adding Television advertising to your other tactics, it is often like throwing gas on the fire – it can really enhance your results. Ad planning, ad creation, ad buying and more from Web Geeks. We make Television advertising fun, easy and profitable for you!

SEO – How To Rank

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Viewability Impressions Does Matter

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Ready To Reach A Big Audience?

If you want to reach a large local or national audience, then television can be a highly effective media channel. Web Geeks can help you integrate television into your multi-channel marketing strategy. Web Geeks makes television advertising fun, easy and profitable for you.

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