Website & campaign testing to refine your success formula

Hurry Up And… Test!

Anytime you have a new product or service, you want to get it into the market as fast as possible… “before someone else gets there first”. First to market is always great but “received by the market” is the profitable objective. Small and mid-size organizations should borrow a lesson from the big brand guys and do some testing of your product and marketing campaign before rolling it out full steam. Find out what the consumer likes about what you offer, test what messages resonate with them and what calls-to-action invoke the response you are looking for.

Focus Groups

A representative group of your potential market can provide tremendous insights into whether your product and marketing efforts will be successful. If it is going to be a bomb, it is better to know it before spending a lot of money and if it is going to be successful, what aspects make it so. A focus group provides both quantifiable and anecdotal feedback that is invaluable to the smart marketer.

Split Testing

With the use of digital marketing, including email blasts and website landing pages, split marketing provides the opportunity to test a variation of the marketing message between two sample groups to determine which variation will deliver the best results. Elements typically tested using A/B split testing include images, colors, headings and captions, call to action messages and benefit statements. Split testing is a cost effective method of making a good campaign an excellent campaign.

Best Practices for an E-Commerce Website

When your business relies on customers buying your products and/or service online, it is important to be aware of the common practices of e-commerce websites so that you can reach as many people as possible and make a stellar first impression. Below are some of the...

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Testing With Web Geeks

Our marketing team will work with you to define test criteria, target various groups, execute and measure the results and provide recommendations on improvements that can be incorporated for maximize results. Let Web Geeks show you how market testing can be fun, easy and profitable for you!

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