Email Marketing


Why Should I Use Email Marketing?

Sometimes the “old dog” and the “top dog” are the same dog. Email marketing has been used by marketers for years and is still considered by most to be the digital marketing tactic with the best return on investment. Consumers who receive email marketing spend 83% more when shopping. In fact, email marketing has been shown to be up to 20x more effective than other forms of marketing. Email marketing is a favored approach because it is: cost-effective, versatile, immediate, personal and trackable.


Key to a Successful Email Campaign

When done correctly, email is very effective. Here are five (of many) keys to a great email campaign.

Use a clean list of targeted, opted-in recipients.
Send from a real person recipients can respond to.
Write a killer subject line.
Optimize it for mobile.
Test, monitor and optimize.
The most important thing you can do is to give your recipients control over opting in/out, frequency of emails and content they will receive. Web Geeks can help you with these and other important attributes to ensure you have a successful email campaign.


Integrated Marketing

Email marketing, when combined with other marketing tactics such as landing pages, automated marketing, video and blogging, is like using both a hook and a jab. It is very effective and maximizes the value of all of your marketing campaigns. Web Geeks can help you integrate email marketing into your overall digital marketing strategy.

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Get Ready, Get Set …

If you are ready to explore email marketing, our team of marketing experts are available to help. From the creation of an editorial calendar, writing newsletters and promo email content, through the delivery of the email, as well as statistical analysis of the outcome – Web Geeks can cover all the bases. Pull the trigger and go with Web Geeks because we make email marketing fun, easy and profitable for you.