Local SEO Services - Optimizing Your On-Page SEO Aspects for Local SEO

For anyone looking to grow their business, it is impossible to ignore the power of the Internet. In the age of smartphones, the average person has instant access to just about everything right in the palm of their hand, including your business website. Understanding how to navigate the world of SEO will help you boost your business page to the top of Internet search results, driving in traffic and potential customers. The Web Geeks team has found that while many clients understand SEO basics, there is still a sense of mystery surrounding making SEO work for their businesses – that is where we can help by providing local SEO services.

Understanding How Local SEO Services Can Help

One of the nuances of SEO is tailoring your on-page signals to reach people that are most likely to convert into actual customers, rather than those that will simply click away. Local SEO is powered largely by your on-page signals because those have the greatest impact on your local search rank.

Here are a few quick tips for strengthening your on-page signals and, in turn, your local search rank:

  1. Make sure your website includes accurate NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number). This seems like an obvious step, but double-checking that your business name, address, and phone number is correctly listed on your website is critical.
  2. Use relevant local keywords to optimize title tags and meta content. To improve your local ranking, you need search engines to associate your business with the specific area you are targeting. For example, if you offer house cleaning servings in the Dallas area, “house cleaning services” and “Dallas” are two important keywords that should be appropriately incorporated into both the title tags and meta content.
  3. Optimize landing page content. When your site is ranked for search, your rank can drop if a large number of people open your site but then quickly leave. So, you need to make sure that once a person clicks on your link, they stay on your site. This means your landing page content needs to have valuable, relevant content that is easy to browse.

These are just a few tips for improving your local search rank through your on-page signals, and the Web Geeks team can help you learn much more through our local SEO services. Contact us and we can help you harness the power of the Internet to help your business flourish.