Mobile Application


Your Business On Their Phone

It seems like the world has gone crazy over smartphones. Whether it is standing in line for the latest iPhone release or watching the latest episode of “Housewives of Wherever…” your customers are expecting more from their phones and from the vendors they do business with. By taking common tasks that your customers have done through traditional channels and extending them with easy to use mobile apps, you can make yourself more relevant and useful to your customer. Driving instructions, hours of operation, reserve a table, make a donation and more. You can literally be in the palm of your customer’s hand.


Developing a Mobile App

Mobile apps start as an idea and are followed by a real business reason, ie. “Hey my customer would benefit from….”. A mobile app simplifies a task, creates amusement / fun, rewards the user, improves service, etc. Taking your idea, the team at Web Geeks can help you flesh it out on paper in the form of a User Specification (a list of the features and functions required).

Web Geeks will help prioritize and budget the development, create the code, test it, write user documentation and help you certify and list it on the various app stores. Our team can also help you market the app on your website and through various other digital marketing tactics. Each step of the way, you are involved and helping to shape the direction of the process. We are providing the expertise to accomplish your dream.


iPhone, Android, Microsoft App and Blackberry

We’ve got you covered regardless what platform you want to build your mobile app on. We have off-the-shelf components for most industries, plus a team of developers and marketers ready to assist. Web Geeks is available to be your mobile app development and marketing partner.

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Want To Build A Mobile Application?

If you’re ready to explore the idea of building a mobile app, Web Geeks developers are available to discuss the idea and help you determine what is involved. Web Geeks makes mobile app development fun, easy and profitable for you.