Why Online Reputation Management Is Vital For Your Business

Think online reputation management isn’t necessary for your brand? You couldn’t be more wrong. Online rep management – the art of maintaining your good name on the Web – is necessary for businesses of all shapes and sizes; especially small businesses. One wrong move and you could lose your customers for good, but what’s worse? Without a proper game plan for online reputation management, any disgruntled former customer or employee could sink your small business and ruin your good name.

A bad reputation will kill your business

You may have even seen this before: a business does something that doesn’t bode well with its customers, competitors, or disgruntled employee and before they know it, there are domains dedicated to trashing their good name, comments on review sites that make the brand look shady, and attacks against them on social media.

You can’t afford to let this happen! Use a Windsor digital marketing company to ensure that whatever attacks come your brand’s way, you have a team that’s ready to preserve your good name. Don’t leave it to chance – get a good defense!

Social Media Advertising Transparency

It gives you the opportunity to ‘save face’

Look, we all make mistakes. Sometimes, a bad review is warranted and justified. You can argue that it wasn’t your fault or the customer doesn’t have the full story, but when they have a valid complaint, none of that truly matters. Instead of cringing and hoping that something like that never happens again, make the best of it by showing the world that you’re a professional dedicated to making things right even when your business messes up. When you have a bad review or someone is speaking ill against you on social media, don’t ignore – respond!

Even if you know the receiver isn’t going to care one way or another about your apology, you’re not only saving face for them. Going forward, potential customers will see your response and see just how professional your brand really is; this creates brand trust, and this is one of the best ways to gain this. Moreover, consider reaching out to the complainer in private and ask them to share all criticisms and ideas with you. Often, people just want a voice; by giving them one and showing you value their input, you’re disarming their anger. Who knows? Perhaps they’ll tell other people and you’ll benefit from word-of-mouth marketing!

Social Media Advertising Transparency

It’s just good business sense

Nobody wants to do business with a brand that seems and feels disingenuous. If you allow your online reputation to falter, all of the best intentions you have for honouring your customers isn’t going to mean anything because in their minds, you’re not worth the risk. That’s key, too: proving that not only are you worth the risk but will deliver what you promise; with poor online reputation management that just isn’t going to happen. When brands rise and fall at the drop of a viral tweet, you need to do everything possible to ensure that your brand’s reputation is positive and clean. At Web Geeks, we make this possible every day!

Brings the best to you

One thing we haven’t even mentioned is the impact it will have on your help. If you haven’t been paying attention to your brand’s online reputation management and your reputation is a bit in the gutter, do you expect to attract the best to work for you? It’s just not going to happen. A clean online reputation means that when it’s time to hire new employees, you’re not handicapped just because someone wants to hurt your reputation on the Web.

Control your image

Image is absolutely, positively everything: how the world views you drives everything else related to your small business. Online reputation management ensures that you are able to control facets of your brand that otherwise seemed out of control. For example, if someone creates a website with your brand’s name dedicated to ruining your good name (it happens far more than you would expect), you can use a team of experts that will drive that site down into search rank obscurity and offset it with positive, compelling content.

Social Media Advertising Transparency

That’s the beauty of online reputation management: even though someone may have a beef with you, you have some control in how viewable that beef is online. Online rep management also helps you to become a better representative of your own brand, knowing when to, ‘kill ‘em with kindness,’ to, ‘firing them as a customer.’ It’s absolutely mandatory in our always-online world – and we’d love to help you!