Reputation Marketing


What Did They Say?

The most important asset any organization has is its reputation. If it’s good – it should be promoted. If it’s tarnished – it needs to be repaired. Google, Yelp and many other review sites are sharing your customers’experiences, and people considering doing business with you are listening. Referrals have always been important. 90% of consumers trust the recommendations from others and 80% of adults are “very” or “somewhat” more likely to consider purchasing products recommended by friends or family. Your reputation is important and needs attention.


Do You Have a Bad Rap?

Unflattering news, reviews, pictures, and even outright lies can be posted instantaneously and spread throughout the on-line world swiftly. When reviewing Google search results, it has become common to see a customer satisfaction rating, usually between 1 – 5 stars. The goal is to have a five star reputation, but when it comes up short (especially under four) then action is required. Here’s a question worth consideration: Are you spending money on marketing and when the prospect goes to check you out, the first thing they see is bad or below average reputation? If so, you’re probably throwing money away and losing sales.


What Should You Do With Kudos?

So you’ve done a great job, your customer is excited and writes a positive review. Now take action – the five star review is like gold! Let people know that you received it. Seventy-five percent of consumers distrust corporate advertising, yet seventy percent will trust unknown reviewers. Today’s consumers conduct extensive research online prior to making a buying decision. Make sure they know your reputation through the promotion of positive reviews.

Why Reputation Marketing

If your developing and marketing your reputation has become a high priority for you and your organization, then Web Geeks will help you shape your culture for generating positive reviews and help you market your positive reputation. Web Geeks makes reputation marketing fun, easy and profitable for you!

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