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Smartphone Addiction is Real

As humans become more attached to their smartphones, tablets & mobile devices, it becomes apparent that many people have trouble looking away from their devices and may have a smartphone addiction.  A recent article from eMarketer referencing a study from Deloitte & Ipsos MORI has gathered some data on smartphone users aged 18 to 75 reveals that people are more connected to their smartphones than ever before, looking at their phones an average of 47 times in a day.  This rate is much higher for younger users, who look at their phones about 86 times per day!  Although this study was done in the US, Canadians are just as connected to their smartphones as their neighbours to the south.

Using Smartphones During Activities

eMarketer smartphone addiction

The study also considers when and where users are looking at their smartphones, with about 90% of people using their smartphones while out shopping, on leisure time, or while watching TV.  In these situations, customers shopping may use their smartphones to compare prices of products and search for other companies offering similar services, or to plan the next stop in their shopping journey.

Businesses Need a Mobile & Social Presence

With this new age of mobility, it is important for businesses to be able to reach their consumers on whatever device they are using to access the internet.  For this reason, it is good practice for a business to have a mobile-friendly website that displays cleanly on a smaller smartphone screen.  It is also important to have pages for your business listed on Facebook and Google Maps, to ensure that your business can easily be found and that customers can share reviews of their experiences.  After all, many people trust online reviews of businesses with as much weight as they trust a recommendation from a family member or friend.  The more positive reviews that your business has, the more credible you appear, and this can make or break the difference between a customer choosing to buy from your business or a competitor.

Breaking the Cycle

Smartphone addiction

People are aware of their smartphone addictions, and many people are trying to take steps to change their habits and reduce the time they spend with their phones.  These steps can be as simple as turning their smartphones off or leaving them in another room, while others have turned off the audio notifications or deleted apps.  Others say that they have tried to reduce their usage, but their efforts usually don’t work, and they find themselves staring at their screens, consuming more information.

Web Geeks can set your business up with a mobile-friendly website, help to set up your Google Business & local directory listings and manage social media presence with regular posting to ensure that the smartphone-addicted customers will be able to find your business!


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