Social Media Design


Who Said What?

More and more organizations are understanding that social media is a great tool for advancing their marketing agenda and developing brand advocacy. There is no question that social media has taken off:

Facebook has 1.15 billion users
You Tube has 1 billion users
Twitter has 500 million users
LinkedIn has 238 million users

Organizations are using social media to acquire new customers, donors and members. They use it for engaging with the community and the things their customers care about. Social media is great for building general brand awareness and for retaining customers. Seventy-three percent of online adults now use social media networking sites and the impact of social media is so important, that marketers plan to double their social marketing budgets over the next five years.


What Can Social Media Do For Me?

Social media is used in many ways by organizations wanting to grow their online footprint. From customer support, to new product releases and company updates, social media is a great way to tell people what’s going on in your organization. By running games, contests and sweepstakes – companies can spread their brand virally and in an entertaining way. Social media also gives organizations the ability to monitor conversations about their organization, products and services and it allows them to engage directly with people who are talking to them. There is nothing better than word of mouth advertising and there is no better media for sharing referral information than on social media.


Get Social With Web Geeks

The team at Web Geeks understands the challenges small and midsize organizations have when it comes to implementing effective social media programs. We would love to help you shape a social culture in your organization and provide strategy and tactical execution when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Pinterest and the many other channels available to you. Web Geeks makes social media fun, easy and profitable for you!

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Community Building Done Right

If you are ready to socialize online, access the experienced team at Web Geeks to setup and configure your social profiles and integrate them into your website. The Web Geeks will brand your social profiles to your organization and get your ready to engage with your community. Web Geeks makes social marketing fun, easy and profitable for you.


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