Top Five Web Design and Development Trends Of 2017

With the year more than half over, it’s starting to become clear which web design methods has been a success this year – and which haven’t. If you’re looking to update your website by hiring a Windsor web design firm, you want to make sure you’re getting the latest and greatest techniques that your customers expect.

So today, let’s take a look at some of the best cutting-edge Windsor web design ideas, and why they work.

Five Top Windsor Web Design Trends You Should Adopt

  1. Responsive Design

This isn’t a new trend, but we still have to make sure to mention it: A website today must be mobile-friendly and that means adopting a “responsive” design which can adapt the layout to fit devices of any size. If it’s not responsive, it’s a relic of the past.

  1. Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are those gigantic animated GIFs which can take up half or more of a website, acting as a background. They’re bold, they’re eye-catching, and they practically guarantee your visitors will stare at them – and the messaging you’ve laid on top.  (Just be careful to keep the file size reasonable, so you don’t disadvantage mobile customers.)

  1. Overlapping Text\Images

Another major trend in web design we’ve been watching is a shift to a more magazine-like format. This is probably influenced by the rise of mobile browsers and horizontally-scrolling webpages.

Either way, websites are taking on a more magazine-like design approach with text overlapping the images. It’s immediately inviting, and makes your website seem more organic.

  1. Open or “Experimental” Layouts

Ditch the grid!  For over twenty years, websites have adhered to extremely basic grid-based layouts full of boxes and rectangles. Much of this was due to limited technology, but either way, some of the most effective sites we’ve seen lately have gone for layouts which are extreme, asymmetrical, seemingly-disorganized, and with lots of whitespace

  1. Rich, Bold, or Unconventional Typography

Forget Arial. Forget Georgia.  Forget Times New Roman. Viewers are sick of the standard fonts you see everywhere. Go wild!  Mix and match!  Play with sizing! As long as it’s ultimately still readable, wild or wacky typography just makes your site more interesting and appealing.

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