Transparency in Social Media Advertising

Recent changes to the social media advertising landscape have given users more of an inside look at what ads brands are running online. Here’s a look at the recent updates that Facebook and Twitter have made to provide some transparency to see what ads are being served on the platforms.

Facebook’s “Info and Ads” Tab

Facebook has added a tab called “Info and Ads” on all pages that provides users with information about the page they are looking at and advertising on Facebook. This view shows two columns of information – “Page Info” and “Active Ads”.

The Page Info section shows users the day that the page was created and shows if the page’s name has changed and when. This is useful to protect users by showing them if a page has been created under a different name, built up followers and then changed to something else – one example is new pages running Follow, Like & Share contests that act as if they are giving away high-value items like cars, cruises or vacations – they may use these tactics to build up a large page following, and then later change the name of the page and start posting completely different content.

Social Media Advertising Transparency

The Active Ads section shows all of the ads that the page is currently running – even if the targeting of the ad does not apply to you. This is useful for users to see what promotions brands and advertisers have active. Anything from Nike to Apple to publishers like CBC, BuzzFeed, Ranker, Fox News or The Windsor Star, users can see if they are currently running ads, how many, and see each ad. The Active Ads section is also helpful for businesses and brands to see what ads and promotions their competitors are running on Facebook.

See Facebook’s Q&A on Ads and Pages Transparency for more information on how to get a look at how others are advertising on Facebook.

Twitter’s Ads Transparency Center

Not to be outdone, Twitter also unveiled their Ads Transparency Center, which lets users find out who is advertising on Twitter. It will allow users to search for any Twitter handle and see all the ads that they ran in the past week.

For US federal political campaign ads, Twitter is going even farther and showing details including billing information, ad spend, impression data and demographic targeting data. Read Twitter’s full release on this that includes all details around Twitter’s Ads Transparency Center.

There is also a Twitter Ads Transparency Center FAQ page that makes the feature easy to use for Twitter users.

Although social media advertising is becoming more complex, it is still a very powerful tool for businesses of all sizes to grow their customer base. If your business is interested in advertising on Facebook or Twitter, get in touch with Web Geeks and we can manage your social media ads!