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What Do Our Interns Do?

Our interns are very involved in our office’s day-to-day work. While many people think interns are just there to grab coffee and do menial work, that’s not what happens at Web Geeks Marketing. At Web Geeks, we want to make sure our interns are getting real-life experiences. We give them real accounts to work on, complete with analytics and access to social accounts. Of course, this is a learning experience so our staff is always willing to help and teach different skills. It is our goal to make sure that our interns are fully prepared for industry life once they reach the end of the internship, and that can only be done by giving them real accounts to work on.

We also want to make sure that our interns have fun while they’re here. We here at Web Geeks Marketing pride ourselves on making sure that we make the work process fun for both our clients and staff. We fully believe that if you enjoy what you do, it will never become work. Do you think Web Geeks Marketing is a good fit for you? Apply for an internship today!

Our Interns

Past & Present

Matt Bouwmeester


Cole Kierdorf

Cole Kierdorf at Web Geeks Marketing

Brenna O'Gorman


Shaymaa Zantout


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