Welcome to the Team Emanuel!

Web Geeks Marketing is always looking to hire Windsor Area talent and this week we found someone who fits our team perfectly. We’d like to take this time and introduce to you our new graphic designer: Emanuel Negreanu!

Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Emanuel is a St. Clair Advertising and Marketing Communications Management graduate, whose strong passion for all things graphic design creates a work ethic that perfectly suits Web Geeks. He’s a dedicated individual whose goal is to make every client as satisfied as possible.

What Got Him into the Industry

Before developing his passion for graphic design, Emanuel’s passion was designing beats. He loves making music and first pursued an education in the business side of the music industry. When that program was full, a friend referred him to the Advertising and Marketing program at St. Clair College where they believed his unique talents would be put to good use.

It was here that Emanuel found his passion for graphic design. Through the St. Clair Advertising program, Emanuel developed the necessary skills to go above and beyond in graphic design. He has a wide array of knowledge with adobe design programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Illustrator and Dreamweaver, as well as how to utilize each one in a way that puts out the best results. His passion for design translates into his work, and he will ensure that he only releases designs that surpass his own standards.

Why He’s Great for Your Business

Emanuel is an extremely dependable individual. His priorities lie with getting the work done to a quality that the client will be impressed with. He has a strong understanding of both design and business. He understands how important brand image is to a business, and he’s dedicated to delivering a product that can help boost the brand and bring in profit.

If something needs to get done, he’s the go-to guy. He works hard and efficiently and does not hesitate to get things done when it is needed. He’ll make sure you get what you need when you need it, with no delay.

Emanuel also understands the value and importance of communication. He believes communication is key in regards to graphic design. He wants to make sure that the client is getting exactly what they want, something that they envision to be a product that they can call theirs. He works very closely with his co-workers to make sure everyone is at the same place, in order to bring you the best product as a team.


Outside of graphic design, Emanuel has a wide array of interests. This includes:

  • Video Games
  • Learning about new technology
  • Sci-fi
  • Producing Music

Welcome to the team Emanuel! As always, we are happy to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to contact at Windsor or Waterloo locations! http://webgeeks.com/contact/