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Types of Organizations

We’re proud to work with organizations across so many sectors. From the private sector to the not-for-profit sector, Web Geeks has partnered with many community leaders who strive to make the world a better place.


For nearly 30 years we have been serving the needs of organizations in most industrial sectors, including manufacturing and distribution. We have partnerships with those in the retail sector and real estate development.


Web Geeks is based in Canada with offices in Windsor, Waterloo and Burlington. We serve clients across North America with an emphasis on Southwestern Ontario, Toronto and Southeastern Michigan (Detroit Area).

Common Challenges


Uncertainty about Marketing Direction

For small to mid-sized organizations, marketing and business planning often fails to get the attention needed to achieve the organization’s goals. Brand Machine from Web Geeks is a time-tested, proprietary program that identifies key aspects of your organization to produce both a brand guide and a marketing plan. We also provide the analytical feedback needed to measure the impact of marketing activities.


Building an Effective Marketing Platform

Most organizations recognize the central role of a website in their marketing stack, but they often come up short in creating an engaging presentation of their brand. Web Geeks has the experience and capability to build an attractive, purpose-driven website as well as other marketing assets. From social media profiles and business directory listings to newsletters and videography, you’ll impress audiences and drive action across your entire marketing platform.


Effectively Communicating Brand Story

Knowing what you want to say and then delivering that message to the right people at the right time can be very challenging. Web Geeks, while working from a strategic plan, will develop customized marketing campaigns utilizing digital media (paid ads, SEO, social media, video, email, advanced content) and more traditional forms of advertising to drive engagement with your brand. Let’s compel the targeted audience to take action.


Measuring Your Marketing Impact

Is your marketing budget being spent effectively? Are the campaign activities producing results? Are the corporate goals and the marketing activities in sync? Without good data and actionable feedback, how can your organization maximize its marketing activities? Web Geeks closes the circle with marketing data for every activity and our detailed reports, client meetings and on-going collaboration. We get the best out of your marketing budget.

Our Team

Lorne Shantz

Lorne Shantz


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Medo Qashou


Daryl Knarr


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Alex Dimitrijevic


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Mike Holmes


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Vanessa Boutin


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Vanessa Boutin

Vanessa Boutin


Julia Hall

Julia Hall


Vanessa Boutin

Vanessa Boutin


Julia Hall

Julia Hall


Our Services

Strategic Planning

Brand development, marketing plans, analytics and assessment.

Website Design

Mobile responsive websites, shopping sites, landing pages on multiple platforms.

Digital Marketing

Implementation of marketing tactics such as SEO, Paid Ads, Social Media, Email, Video.

Our Values

Web Geeks’ founders seek to inspire and encourage the following values throughout our organization and in our interactions with clients, vendors and other stakeholders:

We Believe: faith and integrity above all else
We Care: always committed to our community
We Create: innovation fosters everything we do
We Compete: constant growth is our focus
We Fight: great marketing for great clients
We Win: we go above and beyond

At Web Geeks, we’re selfless.
You can bet we’ll create, compete and go the extra mile for you.
We hold faith and integrity above all else.
At Web Geeks, we win—for you.

Our Experience

Digital technology and online marketing is often mysterious and stressful for a business owner. Our goal is to remove the uncertainty and ease your mind. Put our expertise to work for you. The story of Web Geeks Marketing started more than 20 years ago when we provided a local bicycle shop with a computerized point-of-sale system. Since then, we’ve worked with hundreds of organizations across Canada, the USA and the Caribbean.

1990 – Retail POS & GST

Responding to the introduction of GST, we began by helping retailers implement computerized POS systems.

1994 – Walmart & CRM

As a result of the Canadian invasion of Walmart, we introduced CRM and advanced inventory management to help retailers compete.

2000 – Amazon & E-Commerce

Responding to the early influence of Amazon, we began helping our clients establish a retail presence on the web.​

2001 – Online POS

Working with a small-cap public company, we developed the world’s first online POS system for specialty retail called RetailPort.

2004 – Planes, Printing & Pets

Having developed expertise taking brick-and-mortar operations online, we built portals for leasing aircrafts, online printing and answering pet owners’ questions and product orders.

2007 – SEO & Churches

An early adopter of search engine optimization we drove traffic to our client sites. We also created one of the first web builders for churches.​

2009 – Relocation to Windsor

In response to growth of a US client base, we relocated our operations to Windsor, Canada allowing us to better serve internationally.​

2015 – Merger with Collective Publishing Company

A successful merger bringing a new core focus of Social Media Marketing.

2018 – Introduction of Brand Machine

The culmination of nearly 30 years, Brand Machine provides a framework for marketing success.​

2020 – Web Geeks Solutions Launched

Web Geeks has mastered the art of marketing, and now our clients are turning to us for other solutions to streamline their businesses. Introducing Web Geeks Solutions, a full service division that helps small and medium organizations manage their sales, systems and workforce any time of day, on any device, in any location.

2020 – Online Digital Masters

Web Geeks wins the Biz X Award for “Online Digital Masters.”​