Website Design

A Custom Website For Your Organization

Your website is your most important marketing asset. Most marketing activities drive people to your website before they walk in your door. Web Geeks’ website design presents your brand and engages your audience so that they take the desired actions.

Geeks at your Service!

Mobile Responsive

Ensure a great user experience on any browsing device.

Collaborative Design

Our process ensures there are no surprises with your site.

Perfect Platforms

We develop a website on the perfect platform for your organization.

Responsive Website

You should expect end-to-end website development by experienced developers who think of everything. Mobile responsive website platforms built for engagement and search engine positioning. Present your brand story and motivate visitors to take action. Ask how Web Geeks could build you a mobile responsive website!

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E-Commerce Design

Get e-commerce solutions based on your industry’s unique requirements. Search engine optimized product catalogs to increase visibility in search engines. Solutions for one-product sites to sites with more than 300,000 items. Ask how Web Geeks could build an e-commerce website for you.

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Landing Page Design

Landing pages designed to satisfy your unique requirements. Search marketing that engages your target market. Improve your Google Quality Score and lower your cost of advertising while increasing results. Ask how Web Geeks could build landing pages to complement your marketing programs.

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Application Development

Mobile (and desktop) apps built to extend brand awareness and provide user features. Provide customers with better access to seamlessly connect and interact with your organization. Reduce the cost of marketing and advertising to your customers. Improve the mobile experience. Ask how Web Geeks could build mobile applications that extend your brand.

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Content Management

Mobile responsive websites built with a content management system. We build it, you maintain it with easy-to-learn and easy-to-use admin tools. Or have our team update it for you. Template and custom themes designed to present your brand in the best light. Ask how Web Geeks could build a website using a content management system like WordPress or Shopify.

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Blog Design

Blogging platforms designed and built in support of your brand image. Share engaging content with your unique voice and brand personality. Design, development, training and support for your organization’s blog. Ask how Web Geeks could create and support your organization’s blog.

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Domain/Email Hosting

Performance hosting for WordPress websites including multi-site design. E-Commerce website hosting designed for optimum performance and support. Office 365 configuration and support for enterprise class email and office automation applications. Ask how Web Geeks could provide your website with a fast, secure and supported hosting solution.

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  • Magento
  • Bigcommerce
  • Duda
  • HTML5
  • Laravel
  • WP Engine
  • Office 365
  • Revolution Parts
  • Shopify
  • Sharepoint
  • WordPress
  • PHP

Why Responsive Web Design is Important

Web Geeks has been providing responsive web design in Windsor since mobile-responsive sites became crucial to brand success. Building one mobile responsive website is often less expensive than building one for the desktop and one for mobile devices. However, one design doesn’t always fit all. Therefore, it is important your designer takes into account how different messaging can make the best impact on the various devices.

Another reason for responsive website design is how Google treats your website in their search results. The big motivator for many companies to adopt mobile responsive design was Google’s announcement that they would penalize non-responsive sites.

Finally, and most importantly, responsive web design provides the best user experience. After all, isn’t that what should drive all our design decisions? For responsive web design in Windsor, contact Web Geeks.