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What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the ranking of your web pages on the search engines’ organic or unpaid search results pages (Google, Yahoo, Bing and others) for search queries related to your business, brand, product or service. At Web Geeks in Windsor, SEO follows a typical; program which involves keyword analysis, grouping and selection; onsite optimization of images, titles and meta data; development and posting of keyword optimized page content; the ongoing creation and posting of blog content (creating relevance and freshness of information on the site); and the development of quality backlinks to the website. A well rounded program also has a strategy for the development of a social presence as well.


So What?

The rank of your web pages in search results is important because higher rankings result in a much higher number of clicks to your website. A higher click through rate means more visitors as well as more leads and conversions. Since people are using search engines to find products and services, SEO is important for your organization to be found by customers online.


Why Choose Web Geeks?

Choosing Web Geeks puts you ahead of the curve. Rather than doing SEO by yourself or organising and training a team to do it in-house and finding your way as you go (which is time consuming and expensive), allowing Web Geeks to do your SEO fast forwards your marketing efforts with SEO in Windsor. With our in-depth consultation and experience, you are poised to gain more ROI from our SEO services.

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Why Search Engine Optimization

SEO services from Web Geeks are used by organizations frustrated by not showing up in Google, Yahoo or Bing. SEO is for those desiring to rank higher than their competition in organic searches and is an important element in the formula to help organizations generate more traffic, online leads and an increase in sales.