Virtual Office

Benefits of a Virtual Office

Improve workflow, reduce downtime by building a virtual office that fits your specific needs. The possibilities are endless.

Increase Productivity

Reduce workflow inefficiencies. Watch as your email time plummets and projects become far easier to manage.

Collaborate and Organize

With file-sharing and all communications in an easy-to-use space, your team work together like never before.

Customize Virtual Office

Custom tabs for outside apps are just one way you can customize a Microsoft Teams virtual office for greater efficiency.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is a fully digital means of continuing your operations online. To do that work as a team. Much like a physical office space, virtual offices are a hub for teamwork. Their functions are suitable for many businesses or industries.

Virtual office platforms allow employees to work remotely, which allows flexibility when physical offices are closed. Even at work, a virtual office is a cost-effective way for businesses to operate. They organize documents to increase productivity and allow collaborative editing. Many even allow voice and video meetings.

How Microsoft Teams Works

Microsoft Teams is a virtual office program that allows remote collaboration on projects with a focus on keeping everything in one place. It is supported on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and many browsers, though Microsoft also offers a desktop app. The program is currently included with Office 365 free of charge.

It’s a platform that we use daily in our offices for organizing everything we do. It’s also compatible with the Office 365 suite, as well as a host of other services, which helps us keep every one of our apps in one place. Microsoft Teams also offers video conference calls to make meetings that much easier. Our success is proof of how well Microsoft Teams works … and how it can work for you, too.

Integrate Office 365

Incorporating Office 365 applications has never been easier. Microsoft Teams allows you to include the apps and services you regularly use, like the Office 365 suite. Microsoft Word documents can be opened and changed in-application, and navigating PowerPoint is simple. You can even control editing permissions.

Schedule Meetings

As a communication platform, Microsoft Teams is more than a home to private messages or post. Mandatory meetings can all be held using voice and video chat. Meetings can even be scheduled in advance using the virtual office calendar, and everything is organized to make sure the right people are in the right place.

Learn How Web Geeks Adapted

Web Geeks has seen vast improvements in efficiency since adopting Microsoft Teams. There has been a reduction in distracting in-office e-mails by more than 90 per cent. That’s because everything is in one place. Project management can be organized by departments and by clients, ensuring a smooth workflow impossible to achieve with more traditional methods.