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Sell Products Online

Do you have physical or virtual products that you want to sell online? Web Geeks can assist you with a mobile responsive e-commerce website that is fully optimized to generate visibility. Whether you have 1 item to sell or 300,000 our team is experienced with popular platforms such as Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce as well as specialty and custom e-commerce solutions.

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Sell Memberships

Private Clubs, Chamber of Commerce, gyms and many other organizations sell memberships as their primary revenue source. Members are entitled to special privileges, offerings and services consistent with their membership level. Web Geeks has worked with many membership-based organizations and has the expertise to build and optimize your e-commerce solution.

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Donations & Fundraising

For non-profit organization and charities, fundraising is a major priority with dependence on a generous donor base. Web Geeks’ shares the mission of our community-centric clients and can implement a donor management, on-line giving solution that provides messaging that engages supporters, informs and shares success stories and manages the various forms of giving.

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Event Ticket Sales

Hosting corporate events, concerts, seminars, weekend retreats or other activities that require the ability to sell tickets, reserve seating, track registrants and facilitate online payments? Web Geeks will design and build the perfect website that is engaging, easy to use and most importantly helps to make your event a success. Let us help you integrate event ticket sales into your online strategy.

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Vehicle Parts

Car and truck parts, replacement parts for motorcycles, boats, trailers, skidoos, agricultural equipment, mining, forestry other modes of transportation – requires a special kind of e-commerce that allows searches by VIN numbers, product categories and make/model/year. Web Geeks has developed and supported some of the largest vehicle parts sites on the internet and we can help you with yours.

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Online Ordering

Restaurant websites require unique functionality including VIP clubs, online menus and ordering. Speed, customer service, engaging imagery, easy-to-use services all combine to create an awesome user experience that customers will tell their friends about. Web Geeks full design and marketing services will propel your restaurant to greater success. Don’t miss the opportunity to provide online ordering.

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How to Select the Right
E-Commerce Solution

Web Geeks has been providing e-commerce website design in Windsor since 2000. In response to Amazon’s threat to traditional bricks and mortar retailers we equipped our clients with leading technology, catalog management, shopping cart and payment systems. Our solutions have been used to sell products, subscribe members, receive donations, sell tickets and take food orders online.

When selecting an e-commerce solution, it is very important to understand what needs to be accomplished and suit the technology to the requirement. It is important to ask the right questions and ensure that the site features provide an engaging user experience.

The choice of colors, fonts, imagery and layout should together with the messaging tell your brand story. People buy products and services from brands they love and donate to causes they align with. Your e-commerce site is as much about your story as it is about your products.

Finally, performance is of the highest importance. When the site lags, customers abandon their carts and sales are lost. Your e-commerce site needs to be optimized for speed and hosted on properly engineered servers. Web Geeks is available to assist you with e-commerce website design in Windsor, so please contact us to discuss your goals.