Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Strategy Drives Brand Equity

Web Geeks is all about brands. That’s why we emphasize the development of a strategic marketing plan. Strategy allows marketers to maximize the value of their promotional budgets by targeting their audience with the right message and reusing digital assets to minimize costs. By creating market assumptions based on verifiable data, you can adjust programming in real time to take advantage of market intelligence and maximize your goal-centered outcomes.

Better ROI

Maximize outcomes from marketing budgets and ad spends.

Identify Outcomes

Understand the goals for each marketing tactic deployed.

Brand is Everything

Ensure brand integrity, brand visibility and brand preference.

Brand Development

Web Geeks is focused on our client’s brands. We help you deliver on your brand promises by understanding and communicating your brand personality. Our experts generate content and messaging consistent with your brand personality in a way that engages the target audience and encourages brand promotion by a satisfied constituency. Engage the favour and support of your market.

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Changing Culture

Today, customers expect transparency from their brands of choice and marketers spend a lot of effort trying to convince customers they have the best brands. But do your own people believe it? Truly make your brand the best by building that culture from within. By changing your organization’s culture, you can develop true brand integrity.

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Marketing Planning

The easiest way to waste a lot of time and money is to buy ads without a plan. Web Geeks’ maximizes your marketing investment with strategies that identify the best digital tactics to generate visibility for your brand and encourage your customer’s to take action.

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Marketing Analytics

Web Geeks tracks the many data points, consolidates the feedback and illustrates how data informs our client’s marketing initiatives. The result: better strategies and better marketing results. You’ll know which marketing activities produce better results. you’ll be able to identify trends to take advantage of every opportunity.

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Other Marketing Tools & Services

Brand Reflection

Brand Machine, our proprietary method of marketing, helps businesses understand and build their brands. Web Geeks can help you develop a plan of action to introduce your organization to your market in a way that creates the greatest emotional connection. We take the guessing game out of marketing.

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Brand Identity

Creating a distinctive identity in the market is key to generating brand preference with customers and requires a thought-out and reasoned approach to colour and font selection, logo development, slogans, brand names, domain URLs, selection of imagery, rules for brand application and more.

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Marketing Tools

Most often, your brand will need a mix of traditional marketing and promotional materials in order to flesh out a more robust and successful marketing plan. Web Geeks can help you develop these important tools in a way that is consistent with your digital strategy.

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Marketing Cloud

Many clients want to take their information management to the next level by implementing cloud based software for customer relationship management (CRM), data analytics, marketing automation, office automation, online chat, call tracking, social posting and more.

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