Under the Hood

The way we do it  just might be rocket science!

Website Design Windsor

Strategic Planning

Develop a custom marketing blueprint

A customized marketing blueprint is super helpful for businesses. It helps them figure out who they’re trying to reach and how to talk to them. Plus, it can make their marketing way more effective so they can get the most bang for their buck. It’s also a great way to build brand recognition and grow your customer base.

Website Design

Mobile responsive and designed to convert!

Don’t waste your advertising budget sending prospects to an old, ugly, or non-engaging website. Capture visitor’s attention and show them why they should do business with you. You will get a website designed to tell your brand story and convert traffic into prospects that want to do business with you.

Web Developer Windsor
Website Design Windsor


All-in-one marketing platform!

This comprehensive marketing solution brings all of your communication channels together into a powerful dashboard and toolset that includes CRM, text and email messaging, call tracking, marketing automation, and much more.

Search Ads

Generate visibility with top-of-page ads!

If your ideal customer is looking, ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to grab their attention. Your listing will be positioned at the top of the search page, driving targeted traffic to your website. Our campaigns are actively managed and optimized for maximum performance.

Local SEO

Optimized Google Business Listing!

Buyers checking your GMB are likelier to visit your location or engage by phone within 24 hours. We make sure it’s your listing they are looking at, not your competitors. In addition, we will optimize your listing with 50+ directories, websites + apps.

Reputation Matters

Build trust with customer reviews!

We will protect and build your brand’s online reputation. We will request reviews with customized email or text templates and respond to them through the Brand+Machine marketing platform.

Powerful Organic SEO

Search engine optimization drives traffic!

The most powerful search engine opportunity is a top position in the organic listings. We use the latest techniques to maximize the upward movement of your website in the search results and beating out your competition.

Content Management

Content is still king and essential to building trust, establishing authority, and generating leads. By creating valuable and relevant content, companies can attract and engage their target audience, provide solutions to their problems, and ultimately convert them into loyal customers. Content marketing also helps companies demonstrate subject matter expertise, generate more visibility, and convert more customers.

Social Posting

Build likeability through community building!

Social media posts and community building have the power to connect people with shared interests, beliefs, and values. When we create and post engaging and authentic content, businesses can establish meaningful relationships with their followers, foster brand loyalty, and drive conversions. Social media can amplify brand awareness and reach, driving targeted visitors to your website or landing page.

Social Ads

Attracting Customers with Social

Ads created and displayed across popular social platforms like Facebook and TikTok connect specific audiences. It can help create brand recognition, generate valuable leads, and increase sales, all while being cost-effective compared to other advertising methods. 

Custom Reports

+ Regular Meetings

In today’s competitive marketplace, data is the lifeblood of effective campaigns. Data gives marketers deep insights into their audience’s behaviour, preferences, and needs. By analyzing data, marketers can personalize their messaging, optimize their campaigns, and measure their success. We provide regular reports with analysis and recommendations.

Lead Generation

LinkedIn outreach and email marketing are incredibly powerful. To generate new sales leads, you can utilize LinkedIn outreach to identify and “connect” with prospective leads in a targeted market, and the entire process can be automated for efficiency. In the same way, email marketing allows you to nurture those relationships and keep your brand in consideration.