Hashtags – Why Your Business Should (Still) Be Using Them



Hashtags – the most famous symbol to come from the rise of social media in the past decade. When social media was reaching peak popularity some years ago, it seemed like every post had a “#” attached to it. Now, however, you may find yourself very sparingly using the “#” symbol very sparingly. This may translate to your business practices – if you don’t use them why should your business?

But is this correct way of thinking? Or should your business still be using hashtags? Today we will be going just how prevalent the symbol of social media is.



People Have Learned to Use Them Correctly

The reason you think that hashtags are less relevant is because people are actually using them correctly now. When they were first becoming popular, people would utilize them in an improper way that made their posts seem busy. It’s not relevant to anyone’s interests to say, “I’m hungry #iwantpizza #someonebringmefood” – and people are starting to realize that.

With people learning to use hashtags properly, it makes things a lot easier for your business. For example, now people realize they are used for trends and use it accordingly. So, if you’re jumping on a trending hashtag, you know that it’s one that other users are actively using. This will increase the chance for your business to be seen.


Hashtags Are Used Differently On Different Networks

A huge mistake that people and businesses make is thinking that all social networks are the same when it comes to hashtags. This is simply not true. With the many different forms of social media, each has their own way to use hashtags beneficially.

A great example is Instagram compared to Twitter. Instagram, much like Twitter is one of the biggest social networking sites for hashtags. However, even though most posts have them, they’re used quite differently. While Twitter uses them to utilize a topic of conversation, Instagram uses them as a description. This means that while both utilize hashtags, they’re utilized very differently on each site.




It’s Not Going Away

Hashtags aren’t going anyone. There about 1 billion people using them in their social media posts every month, all of which are searchable. These are relevant to hundreds of different industries, topics, and ideas.  Following along with these can ensure that your business stays relevant with the low attention span of internet users. People who have never heard of your business can easily find you by searching these trends – don’t pass up the opportunity to be seen!


We here at Web Geeks know your busy running a business. If you need help running your social media, we can help!