How Voice Search Will Impact Your SEO, PPC & Social Strategies In Windsor



More and more research now points to the fact that the next wave of customers will bypass typing queries into a search engine and simply ask for a product or service offering verbally. The growth of Voice Search will, naturally, lead to a number of changes for search marketers and search engines. It will also have a definite impact not only on PPC but on social strategies adopted by businesses for SEO in Windsor. Here’s a taste of what this means and how your business will be required to adapt:

Impact On Organic Search

There are predictions that, by 2020, 30 percent of web browsing will be screenless. This will not kill screens, but it definitely points to the fact that more and more consumers will be willing to engage with AI in order to find what they are looking for. What this will affect is organic search, the nature of which will change to deal with users who may not physically read any content but may simply ask virtual assistants to mine for the most relevant response.

Strategies That Help

When it comes to SEO in Windsor, the key lies in focusing strategies around answer box results, the SERP feature typically displayed above all organic results. These directly answers search queries, and are what home assistants usually turn to for answers to many queries. It involves sifting through commonly asked questions, doing research around queries and optimizing existing as well as new content to come up with answers that are appropriate.



Impact On Social and Paid Search

Strategists will soon have to try and figure out ways to serve ads to users who are not looking at screens. As for social media marketing, it will be affected in a similar way to SEO and may need more device integration in order to mine what customers are asking and how they are asking for a product or service.

For Help With SEO In Windsor

According to a Google survey conducted in 2014, 55 percent of teens and 41 percent of adults are using voice search more than once a day. For more information on how this affects your SEO and business in Windsor, contact the Web Geeks team today.