PPC Advertising: Why Your Business Needs It



PPC advertising is here to stay. You’ve heard a lot about why having a digital presence is so important, and it sounds appealing as for the most part, a lot of the things you can do digitally to better your business are free. However, what a lot of businesses put off is the actual advertising aspect of the digital realm. Utilizing PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising can yield in great results that can really boost your business’ profits.

But is it more effective than traditional methods? Is it worth the money you’ll be spending? Today we’re going to be talking about why PPC advertising is so important for your business.

It’s Cost Effective

The most appealing part of PPC advertising is how cost effective it is. When dealing with a PPC campaign, you get to choose how much you’re going to pay. You can set up a daily budget for as low as $5 per day and still see results.

It’s also extremely cost effective because unlike traditional advertising methods, you only pay when people are interested. Basically, the simple explanation of the way PPC advertising works is you can bid on keywords that work for your ad, meaning people will only see your ad when they search for the relevant keywords. This means you can focus on only spending money on keywords that generate profit.



Easier Targeting

If you put up a billboard or release a television ad, you don’t get to choose who you’re reaching. Sure, you get to pick the channel in which the advertisement airs, or where the billboard is placed, but do you really get knowledge on who is seeing it?

With PPC advertising you get to target exactly who is seeing your ads. We’ve already touched on keywords and how it allows you to choose where your ad is placed based off of what people are searching for. But with platforms such as Facebook Ads, you can even choose what demographic is seeing your ad. For example, if you’re selling a product to Chevrolet fans in Detroit that fall within the 25-34 age range – you can do just that. You won’t have to worry about irrelevant users seeing the ad and losing money to them!

Get the Results When You Need Them

One of the greatest benefits of digital advertising is the fact that you get the results back instantly. You can literally watch people click the ads in real time. This makes it so that unlike traditional advertising methods you can see the results and make the changes needed instantly. You don’t have to wait until after the campaign – if something’s not working, change it!



Your Competitors Are Using PPC Advertising

Lastly, the most compelling reason for using PPC advertising is the fact that your competitors are using it. No matter what industry you’re in, or what product you’re selling, you can almost guarantee that the most popular competitor is using PPC to their advantage.

If you’re behind in this aspect, you’ll see them overtake your profits and the gap will only increase over time. Digital isn’t going anywhere, so don’t fall behind. Invest in PPC advertising!

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