Television viewership is alive and well and so is television advertising. The following stats help to bear out an image of what’s happening in the television industry. They are taken from a TV Day Presentation Summary 2014 by Steve Levy, Television Bureau of Canada: http://www.tvb.ca/pages/tv

Television Viewing

When painting a realistic portrait of the television landscape, we see that content is better than ever before and access to it is huge, and the vast majority of that content is provided by broadcast television. While commercial TV is being watched on companion devices by the 57% of people in Canada who have Smartphones and the 30% who have tablets, the vast majority of commercial TV (which represents the vast majority of video consumption) is still on the big screen.

Television numbers are still huge, keeping in mind that of the 7 hours a day that people spend with media, 47% of that time is spent watching commercial television. Eight out of ten Canadians watched television yesterday. Three hours and 18 minutes of that time spent was with commercial television. Netflix represents 4% of all viewing and 13% of viewing is streamed or downloaded. Eighty percent of all viewing is on a TV screen, whereas 15% is on a computer and 2% each for tablets and smartphones.

This data shows that people want to view their video on the best screen available. TV still provides the best sound, screen and picture size in an enjoyable, comfortable setting. TV benefits from ease of use and is an escape and social currency; it is a way to stay relevant.

  • 67% say it provides the best viewing experience
  • 94% of viewing is done at home
  • 78% of viewing is done in the family room
  • 48% of viewing is done with others in the room
  • 57% have such a connection to their programs, they experience a sense of loss when the season ends
  • 58% want to see shows as they air
  • 66% have watched a show for more than five years
  • 68 million hours of TV in Canada were watched yesterday
  • 47% say TV is fundamental to their existence

Television Advertising Opportunities

Digital video advertising in the US is increasing at an eye-popping rate, but TV ad spending will still outpace digital video in dollar growth in 2014, according to new figures from eMarketer. Digital video ad spending will increase 41.9% this year, reaching $5.96 billion, while TV advertising in the US will grow 3.3% to hit $68.54 billion.

– See more at: http://www.emarketer.com/Article/US-TV-Ad-Market-Still-Growing-More-than-Digital-Video/1010923#sthash.BGo855hS.dpuf

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