Social Media Marketing


What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the process of getting traffic and gaining awareness for your brand via social networks. This is different than social network advertising as you utilize the platforms in a different manner. With social media marketing, you want to connect to the consumer on a personal level.

Organizations are using social media to acquire new customers, donors, and members. Social media is a great communication tool in the sense that you can effectively engage both returning users and potential consumers alike. Seventy-three percent of online adults now use social media networking sites and the impact of social media is so important, that marketers plan to double their social marketing budgets over the next five years.


So What?

Your competition is already using social media to their advantage. In this day and age, the most popular businesses are the ones that effectively communicate with their consumers. By staying consistent on social media, you can ensure that you are staying in the consumers’ mindset, and see your profits raise because of it.


Why Choose Web Geeks?

Choosing Web Geeks puts you ahead of the curve. Rather than doing social media marketing by yourself or organising and training a team to do it in-house and finding your way as you go (which is going to be both time consuming and expensive), allowing Web Geeks to do your social media marketing fast forwards your efforts. With our in-depth consultation and experience, you are poised to gain more ROI from our social media marketing services.

Remembering Vine

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Why Social Media is Important: Thoughts from a Millennial

Social media – the ruler of the internet. It was 12 years ago that Mark Zuckerberg first created ‘The Facebook’, likely not knowing just how big it was going to be. Today, you can’t go anywhere without seeing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram buttons. The internet as we...

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Instagram Stories

Social media is always changing. In the digital age, a social network can’t rely on its same tricks. It seems as if every week, a new trend comes along that changes the way we use these networks. It’s important for the reigning networks to keep up with these trends,...

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Social Media Marketing

If you are ready to market your brand, products and services through social media, then Web Geeks can help. We will assist you by establishing your key social profiles, branding your pages, linking them to your site. We will also create interesting and engaging content to help get you noticed and market your posts to build a following. Web Geeks makes social media marketing fun, easy and profitable for you!

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