6 Things Your Windsor Competitor Can Teach You about Web Design



Seeing what works and what doesn’t on a competitor’s website can help your company stay on the right track within the marketplace and attract qualified clientele. By reviewing their website closely, you can learn more on their targets and their strategies, allowing your brand to take the edge. In this latest post, we’ll explore 6 things your Windsor competitor can teach you about web design.

  1. Social Media Buttons

Does the company have social media buttons? Are they placed on specific pages? The addition and placement of social media buttons tell you a lot about their social strategy and how they’re promoting their company across the various platforms.

  1. Is it Mobile Friendly?

Try to visit the site on a mobile device. Is it easy to navigate? Are their forward and back buttons and quick links to all site areas? How quickly does the page load? If the site isn’t optimized for mobile, this may give your brand an opportunity to capitalize in the growing mobile marketplace.



  1. Do they Use Blogs?

If the company has a blog, are they writing regularly or have they left the area to stagnate? Regularly posting new content is one of the best ways of attracting an online audience for your brand. Review your competitor’s content and see which piece have the most engagement.

  1. Unnecessary Features

Oftentimes small businesses use unnecessary features that clutter their sites. If the company has music playing in the background on their site or auto load videos, this is a clear sign they don’t work with web design professionals.



  1. Graphics

The graphics a company uses on their web page will play an important role in its reputation online. It’s critical that you review your competitor’s graphics and the placement of the graphics. Are they used within blog content? Is the company using the same graphic throughout their site? Take note of their graphics and ensure your organization is using a better-quality graphic for its pages.

  1. The Layout

How does the company’s site layout impact the site experience? Can you easily move between pages? The layout of the site and the site’s level of engagement across all pages is an important element in SEO. Making sure your site layout performs better than your competitors will give you the edge in search engine results.

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