A/B Split Testing Can Help Improve Your Response Rate



A/B Split Testing is a simple way of testing two pieces of content or design against each other to see which one gives a better result.  It is a method to quantify, by analytics, which of two concepts provides a better conversion rate or return on investment.  It takes the guesswork out of deciding which one will give you the results for your business.  You accomplish this by delivering two different pieces of content to two different sample groups and track the responses of one versus the other.

Split Testing Can Be Utilized On Many Platforms

Whether it is something large like a complete marketing campaign or smal,l like the color of a button on a landing page, split testing can be helpful in creating optimized results.  You may want to consider using split testing when choosing content for a large email campaign, colors for a brochure, images for a promotional piece, packaging for a new product release or content for a landing page.



Email Marketing Split Testing Can Improve Your Response Rate

One effective place to perform split testing is during email marketing campaigns.  You can split test different attributes such as the subject line, the “from” name, delivery time and date, the calls to action, as well as the content of the message.  By testing these, you will see which variations deliver better open rates, responses to the calls to action, and which generate the most sales.

Before launching a full campaign, it may be beneficial to run an A/B Split Test on a sample group to optimize the effectiveness and allow for achieving the best response. Web Geeks can help you implement A/B Split Testing into your marketing strategy. Feel Free to discuss your marketing campaigns with one of our marketing consultants.