Seamless Work-From-Home Strategy
Amid COVID-19 Social Distancing



As we all find new ways to exist within the new reality of COVID-19, we here at Web Geeks are fortunate enough to adapt quickly and support our fleet of clients.

That’s because we are designed for exactly this type of situation. Our company and our staff are mobile, nimble, adaptive, proactive and reactive. Whether we’re working from the office or the kitchen, our ability to serve our clients does not change.

Like some of the massive tech companies, and the tech industry as a whole, we have been able to work from home and continue our day-to-day business without missing a beat. Why? Because Web Geeks knows the importance of existing as a business in the cybersphere. We always have.



What are the benefits of our company?

And our clients are reaping the benefits of our foresight. There’s also some indication this forced virtual office could shape the way we all do business in the future.

As soon as the public began practicing social distancing many stayed away from stores and businesses. Companies with only bricks-and-mortar locations quickly saw their customers, and revenue stream, disappearing.

Those companies who didn’t think they needed a digital marketing strategy were left staffing empty shops or posting paper notes on closed storefronts indicating they’d had to shut up shop. They are closed to business. Companies with an online presence, however, have been able to pivot.

Web Geeks is skilled at getting the word out to your customers quickly. When our clients experience things like sudden changes in business policies and practices, opening hours and services offered, we’ve quickly relayed that information to their customer base through digital marketing. Our customers are positioned to reassure customers they are, in fact, open for business.

And as social distancing has now progressed to mandated closures, many of our companies have been able to continue to do business because of the infrastructure we had the foresight to put in place well in advance of this pandemic. Restaurants with only brick and mortar capability are required to close. Those who can offer take out or delivery can keep doing business.

Those who already have their menus, prices, photographs, location, phone number and contact information online will be the first to gain lucrative online sales.

Those businesses with active social media profiles and a loyal base of followers are best positioned to keep customers coming during these changing times.

So, necessity may well be the mother of invention, don’t wait until the urgent need arises to only then begin reinventing your business model.

This pandemic is historic, and many will say it was something we could never have prepared for, and while in some cases that may be true, when it comes to marketing your business, Web Geeks has been ready all along.



How are we getting the job done?

To reduce the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, Web Geeks is allowing workers to do their job from home, keeping all our clients up to date and satisfied with our services.

Tech-based companies like Web Geeks work on a computer software that makes it easy to communicate with coworkers and have group meetings. There’s no doubt telecommuting gives employees the flexibility to accomplish all your tasks, but it also helps combat the loneliness of working at home.

All work is shared and backed up online and is easily accessible to all coworkers, keeping the whole team on track and tasks completed on time.

Web Geeks has already seen very positive feedback from satisfied clients, which motivates us to go above and beyond for all. Each and every one of our loyal customers are treasured. Using our tools to work online is helping to give our organizations what they want and exceed customer expectations.