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Net Neutrality Rolled Back in the United States

  Net Neutrality or the open internet is the principle that internet service providers should give consumers access to all legal content and applications on an equal basis, without favouring some sources or blocking others. In the United States, the FCC recently ruled...

4 SEO Steps to Take During a Website Redesign

In our modern-day digital world, everyone and everything is connected via the invisible threads of technology. Out of these digital connections, one of the most talked about, and yet often least understood, is the world of SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is...

Personal Voice Assistants & The Smart Home

With the improvement of voice assistant technology and an increasing amount of household devices being developed with wifi connectivity, we are living in the age of the smart home. Many tech giants are working on their own versions of this technology – Apple has Siri,...

Smartphone Addiction is Real

As humans become more attached to their smartphones, tablets & mobile devices, it becomes apparent that many people have trouble looking away from their devices and may have a smartphone addiction.  A recent article from eMarketer referencing a study from Deloitte &...

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