Online Branding & Brand Consistency



Consistency is key when it comes to making sure that your brand is as visible as it can be. Without consistency, it’s hard to build your brand to be the best it can be. But what steps need to be taken in order to ensure consistency? Today The Geeks will be giving you tips on how you can make sure your brand is consistent in order to benefit your local visibility!



You may have seen the acronym ‘NAP’ in business documents, articles or even just come up in conversation before. But do you know what it stands for? ‘NAP’ stands for ‘Name/Address/Phone Number’ and is easily the most important part of brand consistency.

When uploading your brand to directories, social media pages and search engines it’s important to keep your NAP consistent. Sounds easy right? Well what most people don’t know is even the smallest details can effect your consistency. For example, on Google you may have your business address listed as “111 Windsor Rd.” while on Bing you have it listed as “111 Windsor Rd”. That period can make all the difference in your brand’s consistency.

A good idea to combat these mistakes is to make an easily accessible document where you can simply copy and paste the information to different directories. That way, you can rest easy knowing that the exact same information is all across the internet. Staying consistent with your NAP can mean a huge boost in online visibility!





Imagery is another important aspect in brand consistency. You see it all the time, even without realising it. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and many other brand advocates – what is something that they all had in common? What they had in common was consistency in their image – they wore the same thing to every event.

This can be applied to brands as well. Look at your website colors compared to your flyers, pamphlets or any other piece of content. Are the colors consistent? Are the designs consistent? Something as simple as design style or color can make or break your brand’s consistency.




Why Is Consistency Important?

So with all this being said, why is being consistent so important to a brand? It’s important because of the consumer – they want to know you. The benefit to being consistent is that it makes your brand recognizable. If you have uniform colors, those colors can be associated with your brand. You can even brand your address and phone number – it’s often seen on law firm advertisements

Having a consistent brand means that consumers will find it easier to associate certain things with you, and will also increase your visibility. Both these things are incredibly important to bettering your business and increasing sales! Remember, if you need help raising your local visibility The Geeks can help!