Your Business Needs a Social Media Page



The importance of social media for modern day brands and businesses cannot be understated. Today, pretty much every major brand, business, and company have an active presence on major social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest.
Why, though?
The reason is simple – social media is the place to be.
Nike showed as much by dominating the consumers’ imagination over the London Olympics, even though the official sponsor of the event was no other but Adidas. Savvy, multi-channel social media presence outshone Nike’s main competitor with remarkable ease.
Pretty soon, over 25% of the world’s population will be using social media every single day to connect with friends, stay up to date with favorite brands, and even shop with them, directly through their Facebook or Instagram pages.
This is why having an active presence on social media is so important; your customers are there, and they expect you to be too. Most people today will reach out to brands and businesses on social media instead of calling up customer support or going in-store for help. Plus, people use social media to sway buying habits and often use social media to research products before buying them.


There is an audience in the billions on social media which is instantly accessible and ready to be engaged. It is a unique opportunity seen never before, and companies willing to put in the extra effort to have an active and engaging social media presence are going to be the most successful ones around.
Social media and ecommerce are now coming together as what is known as social commerce where customers can buy your products directly through your social media pages, without ever having to be redirected to your website. Consumers are welcoming these changes, and those who take advantage of being able to sell through social media are seeing staggering increases in sales and revenue.
Want to learn more about social commerce? Check out the infographic below.