Marketing Research : Buyer Personas



Have you noticed that your marketing initiatives aren’t going where you’d like them to go? The numbers you’re aiming for aren’t being achieved? This could all be resolved by creating buyer personas. Buyer personas make it simple to know who you’re targeting, how to target them and why they’re being targeted. By creating these personas, you can create marketing campaigns that will effectively gain the attention of your target audience.


What Are Buyer Personas?

Buyer personas are personality attributes that can be applied to different consumers. They are semi-fictional and are considered by using demographics, geo-locations and motivations/goals. When you create these buyer personas, they will tell you exactly why and how consumers that fit into each persona are purchasing your product or service.

This is because the personas you create are ‘people’ which have different traits. While all of these people are potential buyers, the reasons why they buy differ. This can be broken down to where they are, what they do for a living and their age, among other things. Creating these personas make it easier for you and your business to keep track of these things.




Why Are They Important?

Hopefully, you’re starting to see why creating buyer personas is so integral to a business’ success. This isn’t limited to any category of business – any business can create the personas that they want to target. But what makes them so important?

First of all, creating these personas eliminate the need for guessing. By creating these personas, each new potential customer or client can be placed into one of these personas. This will make it easier to sell the product to this potential client, as you know what these personas are trying to achieve.

It’s also important to create buyer personas as it helps guide you into what kind of content your business should be marketing. For example, when creating an emailing campaign, you’ll want to create a different email template for each persona. Each template will have different content, writing style and imagery based on the personas you’ve created.


Buyer personas are an extremely effective way of organizing content distribution as well as sell products. By creating personas, you will find it easier to market your products to the correct audiences. To learn more about buyer personas, Web Geeks is offering a free e-book!

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