Call To Action Forms

Encouraging Consumer Response


What you may not know at this stage of your journey is that every website should have a call-to-action form, where somebody can enter their details to claim some sort of offer. If you don’t have a call-to-action form on your website yet, or you just want to add more of them, this video will show you how to create one within our marketing platform! It’s super easy and it generates a ton of free leads! Ok, so let’s first learn how to create our form.

To create our form, we just need to go to Sites over here, then we’ll go to Forms, and we will click through to Builder. Here, we can click, add Form, and the first thing I like to do is, go into options, and give it a name before I forget. So, let’s call this form ‘Claim Offer.’ Then, we’ll click back to Fields, and we’ll drag in the fields we want: Typically, your call-to-action form will have a field for full name, email, and phone number. Of course, we’ll also want a button, so let’s drag that in, and click it to give it a better name, since this button, is in fact, just called “button”! For this example, we’ll use ‘Claim Offer.’ You can style the button however you like, but for now, we’ll just make it full-width, and click out of this section.

Then, we’re going to want to add some text above our input fields – so let’s drag that in, and type in our text again, for now, we’ll use ‘Claim Our Offer.’ As you can see, we can also control the style here, we can change the font, we can change the weight, the color, and even the font family…! I’m going to make this, size 30 for now, I’m going to center it here, and then I’m going to click out of the field and go ahead and save the form. And there we go, your call to action form is ready to be used on your website.