Contacts – Bulk Actions

Find Out How To Perform All Of the Bulk Actions Available In The Contacts Area

In this video Allie mentions the imprting/exporting feature to see the accompanying video click Here.


Hi, I’m Allie, our AI-powered, training personality.
With so many contacts to deal with, businesses can spend a lot of time doing everyday tasks related to them. especially if you are having to do them one at a time. Web Geeks marketing platform simplifies most processes by allowing you to make bulk actions within our contacts area. This helps free up time for you to spend on other things, and saves you going to the effort, of doing things one by one. Today, we are going to go through the bulk actions you can make, within the contacts area.

Let’s get started!

First, we need to navigate on over to contacts in the left-hand side bar. Once we are in the contacts area, you will notice that each contact has a tick box next to it at the beginning of the entry. This, much like other programs, is what allows us to make bulk actions. By ticking more than one box, we are able to perform the same action to multiple contacts at the same time.

Let’s go over some of the things we are able to do here, we can find them all in the toolbar above. First, we will start with the simple processes. Once you have selected a few contacts you can easily delete them by using the trash icon over here. Then, say you are starting a marketing campaign, and want to send the details to your customers, you can send them an SMS or Email, using the corresponding icons over here. You can also export and import contacts, check the link underneath this video, for that process.

Then, you can add and remove tags, this is very simple, all you have to do is click the tag icon, find the tag you are looking for, or create a new one. For now, i will create a tag, let’s call it “new” then I will just enter a short description of what I have done for the system to record the action. Let’s say, “added new tag” Then click “add”. Then, if we want to, we can remove the tag. This is the same process, let’s select some contacts again.Then, just click this tag icon select the tag, name the action, “removed new tag” and click remove.

Then, you can merge contacts. This is very helpful if you find duplicated entries in your contacts area, some of which, are outdated. You can select up to 10 contacts to merge. For this example, I am just going to pick three different contacts. then go to merge doing this will prompt you to select, which details you want to keep from each contact. First, I am going to select a master record, this is the one I want to keep, so let’s select Terrie. But perhaps this isn’t the correct address for Terrie, and he actually lives at, 3 Ayeye Street. So, I’ll just select the right one, from the other records. Then, perhaps he’s decided to start using Kennie’s email address, I’ll just select that. When we confirm this, the other two contacts will be deleted, but remember, this process is irreversible, so make sure you have got everything completely correct before you do this. Once you are, just type, “confirm” in the box below, and click, “resolve”. This will take you to the entry for the contact, that you have created via the merging process. As you can see, Terrie’s email address, and address have now changed to the ones we had chosen to keep.

You are also able to send, review requests. We can often forget, to encourage reviews from our customers, but reviews can be essential to the marketing process, if there are two very similar companies offering the same service, most people will choose the one with the better reviews. First we need to select a contact, then when we click on the star icon, it starts the process for us, then we just click on, “proceed”. Now, it is important to note that this process requires you to have already integrated your “Google My Business” account, and made an email, or SMS review request template. All we have to do now. is select which type of review request we want to send, I am going to select email for now. Name the action “sent test review request”. then click “send”.

The next bulk action you can make is pipeline changes. I created a test pipeline earlier, so I’ll just add a few people to that. After I select them, I’ll just click the funnel icon. And show you a quick example.

So, first, I’ll select the pipeline I want to use. Then, select the stage. I am just adding these people to the pipeline, so I’ll select, stage 1 Then you can name the Opportunity, I’ll just call it, “test deal” for now. Then, you can add a source, so I’ll just say “advertising”. Under lead value, I will just select our, “budget” category. Set the opportunity status to open. Then all I have left to do is name this action for the records. So I’ll just say “Added contacts to test deal pipeline”. Lastly, you just have to click “add/update opportunity”. And that’s everything. Now you can head on over to opportunities. There you will be able to see your leads on the new pipeline.

Now, let’s head on back to contacts, to see the last Bulk action we can make. That would be, adding contacts to campaign workflows. This allows us to add contacts to a pre-existing campaign. I created a test campaign earlier to do this. Again let’s select a contact first, then we need to click, the robot icon up here. Then click proceed. Select the campaign workflow from the drop-down menu. Here we have my test campaign. Then we have some options underneath. We can either add all of the selected contacts at once, at a selected time, or in drip mode. I am only using one contact, so for now, I am just going to add them all at once. However, being a bulk action you can add as many as you like, if you are sending out a monthly newsletter about your business you may want to include all of your contacts. Then we just name the action for system records. so I’ll put “added to test email drip” then click “add”. After this, we can head over to automation here we can see, we now have one person enrolled on this workflow.

Just before I finish up, I will show you where to view the records we have created in the system. We just have to go back to our contacts section, click on bulk actions up the top. Then here we are, all of the actions we have made during this video are listed here. Here we can see details on the success of the action by clicking on, “show stats”. Then for actions such as importing there will be three dots visible in the “actions” column. So say if there was an error during the process, we could just click on those dots, see the error log, revert the action, or even see the contacts we imported.

And that’s everything! Sometimes, the functionality of the contacts area surprises even me! So go forth, remove some of the hassle from monotonous tasks, and save more time and money, by using our bulk actions feature! Even more reason to use, Web Geeks marketing platform!