Contacts – Tasks And Notes

The Benefits Of Using The Tasks And Notes Features


Hi, I’m Allie, our AI-powered, training personality.

Every job requires tasks. Some we do for our boss, others we do for our clients. No matter who we do them for, it’s a good idea to keep a record of them. If we are doing tasks for a client then what better place to keep a list of those tasks than right within the contact entry itself? Well, Web Geeks marketing platform has you covered! You can not only create tasks in the contact entry, but also add notes just in case there is anything you should know about the contact that will help you interact with them, or assist you with any current tasks. Today, we are going to walk you through, these two very simple features.

Let’s get started!

So, first we need to navigate over to contacts in the left-hand sidebar. Let’s choose a contact from our list. I think I’ll go with “Barrie Ayeye” for today. Now, all of our tasks and notes, are kept in the section on the right of the screen. The tasks section is a good place to keep track, of anything you need to do for the client, here you can give the task a name, add a description, assign the task to a person, and set a due date. Then we have the ability, to mark it off as done at the end.

It is also a good idea, to keep any relevant notes about a person, here in the contact section, as they may help not only with tasks, but with general communication with a person. For example, if a client’s first language is not English, they may have difficulties understanding things sometimes. That would be a great thing to add in here! So that everyone who talks with them is aware of this, and can adapt accordingly to deliver the best customer service possible. So let’s take a look at the task section. As you can see, there is already an existing task for Barrie, that has been assigned to me. I have to call and talk to him, regarding a bread campaign. In the task description, we can see a list of questions I need to ask Barrie. However, in this case the description is a bit vague. Let’s head over to notes, and see if there is anything we need to know about Barrie, before we give him a call. Well, suddenly things are starting to make a bit more sense here, Barrie is a toaster! That would explain the bread campaign. As you can see in this situation the note was incredibly helpful to the task i was assigned to do. I am now more aware as to why the client wanted a bread campaign.

Now, let’s say, i have already spoken with Barrie and during our meeting we decided it would be a good idea to make some Facebook and google ads for him, to help kick off his campaign. The first thing I need to do is mark my task as done, by checking the box here. Then I need to add a new task. So just click on “add task” at the top right. Here I’ll add the title as “Make facebook ads” and in the description I’ll just add “for bread campaign”. I’m assigning this task to myself so I’ll select my name from the drop down. During the meeting, I promised I would deliver these ads in a weeks time. So I’ll just add that in the date section here. Then click save.

But as you remember, i also needed to make some google ads for Barrie so let’s add another task. I’ll just click on “add task” again. and this time the title will be “make google ads” followed by “for bread campaign”. And I’m going to assign this to someone else, “Allie Ayeye 2”. This task, however, needs to be done in 2 weeks’ time, so I’ll add that to the date here. Then click save.

So, now we have two tasks due, on different dates, assigned to different people, in our list. This means, we can now use the sorting function, to find which tasks were assigned to me and which were assigned to another person. or we can just set it to all, to see any tasks that need to be done for Barrie. Then, we can also sort the tasks by which are pending or completed, or by due date. Helping you, and your employees, to efficiently manage the service, you are providing to your customers.

Now, lets go back to the notes section. To add additional notes about the client, all we have to do is click add note, at the top right hand corner, and enter our note. Well, after my conversation with Barrie it was clear he was very happy with the work we were doing. However, he told me that he is very busy during the day, and if we need to get in contact with him, it would be much better to call him in the evening. So I’m just going to add in here “Barrie is only available in the evenings”. This will help my employees be successful when getting in touch with him in the future.

And that’s all there is to it! Now you know how to make full use of your tasks and notes section to help you manage the services you provide to your customers. All within the contacts section of our marketing platform! Isn’t it great, keeping everything all in one place?